Selling Sunset season 3: Who are Amanza Smith’s children? Star opens up

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Selling Sunset season three is on Netflix now and the series focussed on Amanza Smith’s family situation. Viewers were introduced to her two children with ex-husband Ralph Brown, and they are keen to find out more about them. has everything you need to know about Amanza Smith’s children.

Who are Amanza Smith’s children?

Season three was a particularly emotional season for Amanza Smith, who is the newest member of The Oppenheim Group.

The series follows some of the top real estate agents at the brokerage in LA, and they land huge commissions from selling luxury homes.

Amanza had joined the team in a bid to earn more money to provide for her two children.

She has a son, Braker, who is eight and a daughter, Noah, who is 10.

Both her children are fathered by her ex-husband NFL star Ralph Brown.

Noah and Braker featured in an emotional scene where they were creating an assault course at a local play park with Amanza.

Amanza had been struggling to land a sale since she started in real estate and she looked to her children for encouragement.

They said they believed in her and they would always be there for her no matter what, and she could not help but shed a tear.

The series followed her attempt to claim full custody of her children, and she called the experience “bitter-sweet”.

Thankfully she managed to land sales on a number of properties and was glad she could put the money towards looking after her children full-time.

Amanza had married Ralph Brown in 2010 but the couple separated shortly after son Braker was born.

In season three she said the father of her children was “not in the picture right now”, and she wanted to look after her children permanently.

Amanza shared a photo of herself with Braker and Noah on Instagram, with the message: “Thankful for these sweet little souls”.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Amanza called her children “amazing” and she praised them for their attitude towards her divorce.

She said: “Everybody says kids are so resilient. They really are. I wish they didn’t have to be so much, but I’m really grateful that they are.

“They could be really messed up right now and they’re not. They’re happy and thriving and they’re smart and they get great grades.”

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Amanza explained how she did not want to speak badly about the children’s father, and she called him an amazing dad.

She filed for full custody of her children after Brown went off the grid and had not made contact with her.

In the episode titled ‘Confidence Is Key’ she asked her children: “What do you think now that mommy has started selling real estate? Today was the first day I picked you up from school in a while, you’re not quite used to that.”

Braker said: “We believe in you, we know that you can sell a house.”

Amanza asked whether her children thought she did better as a house stager or a real estate agent.

Braker said he was glad she was in real estate as she could earn more money for herself.

Amanza got emotional as the children started mentioning their dad leaving, and how the money could help pay for groceries.

Fans got emotional when Braker and Noah said they were “proud” of their mum, and Amanza said: “Who made you guys so sweet?”

The family enjoyed a group hug and Braker said: “I love you and I will always be by your side.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new series, with one saying: “I like how Amanza’s children are encouraging her, saying they believe in her.”

Selling Sunset season 3 is on Netflix now

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