'Selling Sunset': Why Chrishell Stause Didn't Walk Away to Avoid Showing Divorce With Justin Hartley

Season 3 of Selling Sunset shows Chrishell Stause’s reaction to her husband, Justin Hartley filing for divorce. She decided to share how she handled the shock since she claims he surprised her with the news. Stause explained why she decided to not avoid showing her heartbreak on the Netflix show.

Justin Hartley surprised Chrishell Stause by filing for divorce

Hartley filed for divorce in November 2019 and cited irreconcilable differences. There were multiple reports that Stause was surprised by this.

“I obviously really truly love him and it’s unfortunate the way that everything happened and the timing of everything, because I still had a month to go of shooting the show when this all went down,” Stause told Entertainment Tonight. “Hopefully we can get to a place where one day we will look back at this and laugh, I don’t know… hopefully. It’s very unfortunate and relationships are hard.”

The timing did mean fans will get to see Stause’s reaction to the whole situation. She revealed how she found out her husband was leaving her.

Stause talked about being surprised on ‘Selling Sunset’

The reality star talked about the divorce on Selling Sunset. She explained why she was just as surprised as everyone else by it.

She said they had an argument over the phone. “Before we had a chance to figure anything out, he filed,” she said. “I found out because he texted me that we were filed. Forty-five minutes later, the world knew.”

Stause moved out and found a new place fairly quickly. She also took time off from work to visit her sister’s family in St. Louis to regroup. The realtor eventually returned to finish the season filming with her co-stars.

She didn’t think quitting would help

Some reality stars would probably do everything they can to hide the fallout of their breakup on television. But Stause explained to The Los Angeles Times why she didn’t shy away from the cameras.

“It was a little bit of a struggle for me to decide to go forward and have the camera there for these really raw moments,” she said. The reality star gave the reason why she decided to do it.

“But I am really, really, really proud of my second career in real estate,” Stause said. “So I thought, if I was losing something that I thought was half of my life, how is it going to help me to throw away the other part of my life that I’ve worked so hard to build? If I walk away from that too, what am I left with?”

It sounds like Stause wasn’t going to let her divorce get in the way of her career. The good thing is that fans are loving her for being open about her personal life.

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