She-Hulk trailer: Fans defend ‘rough’ CGI as Tatiana Maslany smashes onto scene

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The official She-Hulk trailer has dropped, introducing Marvel fans to a brand new superhero as Tatiana Maslany goes green and gets ripped.

While numerous fans can’t wait to see the Orphan Black star smash it as Jennifer Walters, cousin to Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner, some have criticised what they’ve described as ‘rough’ and ‘unfinished’-looking CGI – as others jumped to defend the visual effects.

In the upcoming Disney Plus series, Jennifer is – as the full title of the show denotes – an attorney at law.

However, while she wants an anonymous life as a lawyer, she’s thrust into the spotlight when she receives a blood transfusion from Bruce, resulting in her becoming She-Hulk.

Jennifer is a lawyer who specialises in cases involving superhumans, which hits especially close to home after she turns into one herself, with the trailer showing Bruce helping to train his relative as a mentor.

Bruce puts Jennifer through her paces using literal life-threatening tactics in order to force her to transform, such as when she’s placed in a container as huge razor blades close in on her.

Luckily, it works, and Jennifer appears to begin revelling in her new life as She-Hulk… and all of the glitzy fame that comes with being a superpowered being.

At one point, Jennifer becomes embroiled in a fight in the middle of a courtroom, having clearly been doing her day job before chaos ensued.

In a moment reminiscent of the humour associated with the character in the Marvel comics, at the end of the trailer, Jennifer is going on a stream of dates before one catches her attention, and the pair head back to her place – where she carries her date like a baby off-screen.

The trailer reveals a first look at Tim Roth’s return as Abomination in the series, a role he first played in Incredible Hulk and recently reprised in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Viewers also caught a brief glimpse of The Good Place star Jameela Jamil in action as Titania, a rival of She-Hulk’s who also boasts the power of superhuman strength.

Meanwhile, many fans were very excited to see the apparent debut of Frog Man from the comics. Yep, it’s as bizarre as it sounds – and we love it.

One cause for concern for some fans after watching the She-Hulk trailer was the CGI, considering Bruce and Abomination’s visual effects look just as pristine as they did in the films.

As some questioned whether the CGI for Jennifer as She-Hulk may be ‘unfinished’, others pointed out that there’s still three months to go until the release date – meaning there’s plenty of time for any necessary touch-ups to be made.

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