Shouldve listened to your wife Ben devastated as Tipping Point player loses £3k prize

Tipping Point: Ben says Surge 'should have listened to his wife'

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Ben Shephard was back on Wednesday as he welcomed three new contestants onto his ITV game show. Players George, Charlotte and Surge had to go head to head in each round as they all tried to make it to the final. The last contestant standing would then go on to try and win the £10,000 jackpot counter. However, things didn’t go to plan for poor Surge when he went against his wife’s advice and risked his winnings in the final.

As they began the first round, it was very touch-and-go but Charlotte stormed into the lead after winning £600.

While George and Surge battled it out as they tried to catch up with their opponent.

In the second round, each contestant was given 45 seconds by Ben and during that time they had to answer as many questions as possible.

The more questions they answered correctly, the more counters they would win for the Tipping Point machine.

However, luck wasn’t on George’s side and he was the first player to be sent home.

The remaining contestants were neck and neck at one point, but when Charlotte strategically passed one question to Surge, things took an unexpected turn.

Much to Charlotte’s horror, after passing on a question she didn’t know, her opponent got it right and ended up storming into the lead with £1,400.

In the end, Charlotte was sent packing, sending Surge to the final.

During a very tense final round, Surge definitely didn’t have luck on his side because the £10,000 jackpot counter didn’t want to budge from the Tipping Point machine.

However, when Ben asked if he wanted to trade his £3,000 winnings for a chance to take home the £10,000 jackpot, Surge decided to take the risk, going against his wife’s wishes.

This meant Surge had three counters left to try and knock down the jackpot counter.

“Drop zone two?” Ben asked as he continued: “Come on, Surge, fire up two please.”

As Surge’s final counter dropped into the machine, the host shouted: “No, no, no, don’t ride. Be flat, be flat, be flat.

“It’s flat and if that silver one hits the black counter…”

Ben screamed with frustration as Surge commented: “It’s not going to do it.”

“Surge, I am devastated for you,” Ben told the player as Surge said in defeat: “It didn’t happen.”

“You really should have listened to your wife,” the host added before Surge joked: “I better not go home now.”

In a bid to make him feel better, Ben reassured Surge he wasn’t leaving with nothing as he’d already won a subscription of pasta.

Viewers were also left devastated for poor Surge, and many took to social media following the show to share their thoughts.

User @englishjen said: “Hate it when ordinary nice people lose their money.”

Expressing his shock, Steve tweeted: “Oh my word, he’s disrespected the wife and taken the risk!”

“Shame mate unlucky,” Glass Hopper tweeted as Archibald added: “Going home with pasta.”

Picking up on Ben’s comment about Surge listening to his wife, user @carlt_61 joked: “You’ll need six months’ supply of pasta as the wife won’t be cooking for you again.” (sic)

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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