Soap's 15 most gruesome and violent deaths ever, revealed for Halloween

It’s tempting to sit down and watch your favourite horrors on the night of Halloween but if you really want blood curdling screams, violent deaths and scenes of absolute terror, then you could certainly do a lot worse than our UK soaps.

Over the years, EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks have been the scenes for some pretty harrowing dispatches – from rake impalings and crowbar thumpings through to failed parachutes and collapsing B&Bs.

We previously took a look at some of the most chilling and violent deaths but here’s an updated reminder of just how horrific death can be in soapland. Give us The Exorcist any day.

Maxine Peacock – a Corrie crowbar clobbering

Corrie got seriously grim when soap’s most infamous killer set out to bash poor, old Emily Bishop’s skull in with a crowbar – which he actually did. Stomach churning enough, right? Maxine then came home and was rightly told that she should have stayed at the party as Richard went on to bludgeon her too. Maxine was killed while Emily ‘skull of steel’ Bishop lived on. The most violent moment was when Emily’s bashing was spliced with a cleaver going through meat in another scene. Macabre, Corrie.

Sarah Barnes – a Hollyoaks flight of doom

We will never even consider a skydive after this horrifying Hollyoaks scene which saw Sarah’s chute sabotaged. As she leapt for the jump of her life, it turned out to be the jump of her death and Hollyoaks fans to this day still consider it one of soap’s most shocking death scenes ever.

Trina Johnson – an EastEnders rotten rake ravage

A rake in the neck? Oh, EastEnders, you do spoil us. Dog drowning and prostitute strangling Lucas was chilling enough but when he silenced his demanding ex Trina by shoving her against the sharp end of a gardening tool, the gargling sound which followed was enough to make us shove our dinners aside.

Sue and Danny – a Brookside double fall catastrophe

Brookside was never afraid to go that step further in shocking its fans and perhaps the most horrifying deaths of all where the demises of Sue and her baby Danny. Barry grant cornered them on some scaffolding and pushed them to their deaths and the camera panning over the lifeless baby and his dead mum remains seriously haunting.

Yvonne Atkins – a Bad Girls sinister cell nightmare

Bad Girls sent chills down everyone’s spines when they mercilessly killed off the show’s favourite character in the most fiendish way. As she tried to escape through an underground hanging cell, Yvonne Atkins was locked in a blocked tunnel by nemesis Jim Fenner and was left screaming where no-one could hear her. Goodness knows how long it took her to die her painful death – and fans had nightmares for weeks afterwards. Thankfully, Jim would get his comeuppance as he was stabbed in the neck with an icicle in the very same hanging cell as a photo tribute to Yvonne looked down on him. Justice!

Fatboy Chubb – an EastEnders car crushing

One of modern day soap’s cruellest endings, poor Fats ended up trapped in the boot of a car which was then sent to be crushed. Vincent’s face said it all when he opened the boot and saw what was left – er, happy Christmas everyone! Still, we didn’t see it ourselves (we wanted to keep our turkey sarnies down) so hope remains that Fatboy miraculously got out and Vincent was just dumbstruck by the state of the car.

Gerry Roberts – An Emmerdale bed, breakfast and bludgeoning

In a similar sense of horrifying injustice, the sheer level of horror and violence in the death of Gerry, especially considering that he was a loveable comedy character who would do no-one any harm, was second level.

It wasn’t enough that Lachlan engineered the floor of the B&B to collapse beneath Gerry – the sick lad then went on to finish off his begging and suffering ‘best mate’ with a heavy block of stone to the face. Grimness personified – and fans have still not forgiven Emmerdale for this one!

Andy Carver – A Corrie shot in the dark

This particularly grim episode of Coronation Street was subject to a huge level of complaints from fans – and even celebrities – who thought the soap was becoming a little bit too grizzly. While we disagreed overall, it’s not hard to see why the deaths of Andy and Vinny might have been pushing it for many.

We had thought Andy had been killed by Phelan with a laptop but the guy was then held in the cellar for the best part of a year. He almost escpaed twice and then when he was almost liberated, Phelan cruelly ended his life by shooting him point black in a darkened warehouse – after forcing him to shoot Vinny first. He then shoved both bodies into the nearby lake before shifting them to the foundations of a house he was building.

Proper Goodfellas sh*t this.

Heather Trott – an EastEnders photo frame finish

The most horrifying aspect of this killing was the senseless nature of it all. Like Fatboy, it always hits harder when a nice, innocent character is killed in vicious circumstances. The scene which saw Ben hit her over the head with a photo frame and kill her during a row was memorable for being so dark and stopping us all from sleeping. A particularly brutal ending for someone who had been a jovial comedy character until that point.

Charlotte Hoyle – a Corrie hammer horror

Coronation Street’s tram crash was pretty violent but it took second place to the death which preceded it in terms of how blood curdling it was. Charlotte wasn’t exactly a sympathetic character as she stalked hapless John Stape but when he silenced her with a hammer to the head with such force that it knocked the wreath from the other side of the front door, a nation winced in horror.

Harry Thompson – Screwed over in Hollyoaks

First of all, the sheer thought and imagery of being stabbed with the blunt implenent that is a screwdriver makes us all wince a bit – but the real torment of this violent end for one of Hollyoaks’ biggest characters was the sudden, shock nature of it.

Not only that, but he was pretty unfairly framed and labelled a bad dad by serial killer Breda – and if everything had been out in the open, it might not have happened. Robbing Jarry fans of their chance of seeing James and Harry continue their relationship didn’t go down all that well with fans who felt they’d been hit in the gut harder than poor Harry.

Den Watts – an EastEnders doggie stop dispatch

Den went on to die twice in Walford and his second dispatch was certainly more brutal than his first. As he went on the attack against three of many women he had wronged in his time, he was thumped with a dog shaped doorstop by Zoe. Standard soap fodder for now – until Chrissie finished the job by mashing his head in further. Ouch!

Shane Doyle – an Emmerdale table leg terror

Back when Debbie was in love with a Doctor Who companion to be and the future incarnation of Queen Victoria, the pair ended up facing the wrath of corrupt cop Shane Doyle. As he made an attempt to attack Jasmine, Debbie hit out in self defence. He then had a second go and Jasmine lost it, repeatedly clobbering him with a table leg in a shocking and violent scene which left them with one heck of a cover up on their hands.

Charlie Stubbs – a Corrie strip tease trauma

Bill Ward may have also been killed off in Emmerdale as James Barton in a strong enough contender for a violent soap death but an equally brutal fate met his Corrie character Charlie Stubbs. After crossing Tracy Barlow, he fell victim to a wallop on the skull with an ornament that was brought about by a lap dance. We’re not sure which made our stomachs churn more – the lap dance or the seriously had thump to the head.

Val Pollard – an Emmerdale hall of mirrors beheading

Val’s head was pretty much beheaded by a shard of glass in a mirror maze. An OTT death for an OTT character.

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