Soccer Aid hit with Ofcom complaints over 'fat-shaming' commentary

Soccer Aid has been hit with Ofcom complaints after commentator Clive Tyldesley repeatedly ‘fat-shamed’ rapper Chunkz during the charity match.

The 66-year-old reportedly made a series of comments about the rapper and his teammate Tom Davis throughout the football match, which took place on Sunday, September 6.

Since it first aired, TV watchdog Ofcom confirmed to that they received 86 complaints about the programme.

The complaints also referred to Tyldesley’s remarks about Tom Davis.

Before Chunkz went on to the pitch, Tyldesley made a remark on Murder In Successville star Davis being ‘big boned’.

‘Tom Davis is big – that is not a judgement, that is a fact, he is big-boned, big-voiced and big personality,’ the commentator said.

‘He wanted to be the big man up front tonight and when you volunteer for something and you’re big, you better be good.’

As the 24-year-old rapper went on to the pitch, Tyldesley said during the commentary: ‘Tom Davis is about to be replaced, and by somebody bigger than him.’

The commentator also suggested that Chunkz, whose real name is Amin Mohamed, was exhausted before he even started playing.

He later commented that Chunkz was so big ‘you could take guided tours’ around him.

‘He’s trying to run in, trying being the operative word,’ he continued.

Following the match, Chunkz and Tom were said to be devastated by the fat-shaming remarks.

‘Chunkz and Tom were devastated to learn of Clive’s abuse. This was a charity match and he felt the need to laugh at their weight. They found it unacceptable and they made that clear to organisers,’ a source explained to The Sun.

‘Clive didn’t have his best evening. Maybe it’s no surprise ITV have looked elsewhere for their senior commentator. He’s shown himself to be a bit of a dinosaur.’ has reached out to Soccer Aid, Clive Tyldesley and Chunkz’ rep for comment.

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