Spoilers: Ben horrified as Callum wants to join the police in EastEnders

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway (Tony Clay) have had plenty of obstacles thrown their way in EastEnders since becoming an item, but they seemingly encountered their biggest to date in tonight’s episode, as Callum made a revelation which left Ben at a loss for words.

After realising that Pam (Lin Blakely) was back in Walford, Ben found himself unable to introduce her to Callum. As a result, Callum was left heartbroken, and later berated him for choosing to ignore him for the duration of the afternoon.

Callum realised that he was low on cash, and fed up with Ben’s behaviour, he decided to storm out — leaving Pam curious as to what was going on.

During tonight’s episode, Ben set about making amends with his man, and when he heard Jay (Jamie Borthwick) was interested in taking a step back from the funeral business, Ben suggested that he put Callum in charge.

However, when Callum got wind of Ben’s interference, he berated him once more — this time, accusing him of being controlling. The Mitchell lad was clearly hurt, as — in spite of how it may have seemed — he only had Callum’s interests at heart.

Meanwhile, having worked out that Ben and Callum were seeing each other, Pam scolded Ben for his behaviour on the previous day. However, she mellowed when she realised that he refrained from introducing his lover out of respect for her, as he didn’t want her to think he’d forgotten about Paul (Jonny Labey).

Pam told Ben that all she wants is for him to be happy — and informed him that Paul would want that too, and after a heart-to-heart, she set took him to The Queen Vic so that he could fix the mess he’d made of the whole situation.

After spotting Callum, Ben headed over and apologised — and Callum wasted little time in accepting it. However, Ben refused to let himself off the hook that easy, and told Callum that his behaviour wasn’t acceptable, given that Callum is his boyfriend.

The moment clearly meant a lot to Callum — as it did to the nation, for that matter — and the pair kissed, before an emotional Pam met Callum properly.

Afterwards, she departed the Square once more [sobs internally], and Callum used his moment alone with Ben to inform him that he’s not taking on the managerial role at Coker and Mitchell’s, as he got another career in mind. Yes, he wants to join the police.

Quite possibly for the first time since he returned to Walford, Ben Mitchell was at a loss for words.

Distraught, he headed round to discuss the matter with Jay and Lola (Danielle Harold), who proceeded to laugh out loud — finding the whole situation deliciously ironic.

Ben seems to think a future for him and Callum could be problematic if the undertaker pursues a career in law enforcement. To be fair, it would be a little awks — especially considering the dastardly deeds Ben’s been getting up to as of late.

However, this episode proved just how much Ben cares for Callum, so perhaps love really can conquer all?

EastEnders continues Monday 11thNovember at 8pm on BBC One.

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