Spoilers: Malone will kill Dawn 'if he has to' reveals Emmerdale star

DI Malone (Mark Womack) leaves Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) terrified in Emmerdale, as he orders her to take her own life in a cruel effort to exact revenge.

After discovering that Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) was having an affair with Malone, Dawn had had enough, and therefore sought to destroy the bent copper once and for all.

How? By taking away the one thing he holds dear: his stellar reputation. Yes, she reported Malone to the police, and its safe to say that he’s not too pleased with her as a result.

Harrowing scenes will see the copper attempts to intimidate Dawn, before producing a wrap of heroin — and an accompanying syringe from his pocket.

Naturally, Dawn is horrified, and backs away, but Malone pulls a gun on her. She desperately tries to fight him, but ultimately recoils in horror, as he steps towards her. Malone then tempts Dawn to take her own life by overdosing on heroin.

The question is: is the dodgy copper simply trying to scare Dawn? Or is he willing to go the full way and ensure her demise?

Actor Mark Womack reckons it makes no difference to the policeman either way, as long as he ends up benefited from the events which unfold. Mark told Metro.co.uk: ‘The way I thought about it, I think the endgame is the same to him, whether she dies, or whether she gets arrested.

‘I think the idea was that either way, he gets her out of the way. He’s a narcissist and a psychopath and goes to whatever lengths to get what he wants.

‘Malone is angry with her, because of what she’s done. I think he is going to play out the situation and take it as far as killing her if he has too. So I think when he enters the scene, he knows what he wants to do but doesn’t know how to get there.

‘I think in a different world, I think he thinks she’s quite ballsy. I think at one point I added a line and said “I like you. There’s something about you.”

‘That relationship never really got to form. In his head if somebody betrays you, especially in the way she does it, that to him is completely unforgivable. I think that’s why he has taken it to that length. 

‘He manipulates people because he understands what their weaknesses are. Malone knows what Dawn’s weaknesses are, Lucas and heroin. He looks at people’s weaknesses and manipulates people because of it. He knows that whatever happens will then benefit him.


I think he’s hoping if she takes the heroin and dies, that will be it. He would go on doing what he’s doing until he got what he wanted, he’s that kind of character.’

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