Spoilers: Meena vows to destroy Manpreet in Emmerdale trial showdown

It’s been a horrific few weeks for Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) in Emmerdale as she struggled with the idea that she would have to face her sister Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) in court.

She’s suffered panic attacks and has been close to breaking point. As the day of the trial approaches, Manpreet finally makes her mind up – she’s going to testify.

But is this playing right into Meena’s hands? There’s nothing she likes better than an audience, so she’s not going to pass up the opportunity to put on the show of her life in court – and she’s ready to destroy her sister in the most public way possible.

Manpreet gets even more nervous when she hears that Wendy (Susan Cookson) is being called as a witness for Meena’s defence. What could Meena be playing at?

Manpreet decides she needs help to prepare and enlists Ethan (Emile John) to help her prepare for anything the defence might throw at her.

But no matter how much preparation she tries to put in, nothing can get her ready for the moment she has to take the stand, with Meena ready to do whatever it takes to get herself free and take down her sister in the process.

Meena can’t wait. Is she about to put on her greatest show yet?

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