Spoilers: Shock EastEnders twist as Sharon reveals the truth about Keanu to Lisa

Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) has become hellbent in EastEnders on ensuring that her romance with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) — not to mention the fact that her young lover is the father of her baby — remains a secret, but with Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) determined to reveal all, she was left with little choice, and thus resorted to extreme measures during tonight’s episode.

With Phil (Steve McFadden) more suspicious than ever about whether or not there’s any truth in Lisa’s words — not to mention the fact that his mind has been running wild since seeing Sharon in the company of Jack (Scott Maslen) — he took it upon himself to confront his wife during tonight’s episode.

He certainly didn’t hold back, and accused Sharon of everything under the sun — claiming that she’s got form for playing away. However, in spite of feeling the pressure, Sharon delivered an award-worthy performance, as she pretended to be hurt by his harsh words, and berated him for having such little faith in her.

After she was finishing berating him, Phil reconsidered his stance and attempted to make amends, but before he could do so, she stormed off — presumably to pick up the Oscar that she’d earned for her performance.

With Louise (Tilly Keeper) in labour, Phil arrived at the hospital to support his daughter. However, Lou wasn’t too pleased when she realised that Sharon wasn’t in his company, and she begged her dad to get a hold of her.

Meanwhile, Sharon pondered over her next move, and — upon making a decision — she headed to the clinic to meet with Lisa — hoping to put an end to the animosity between them once and for all.  Lisa wasn’t best pleased to see the Mitchell matriarch, but nonetheless she didn’t kick her out, and allowed her to explaining the reasons behind her visit.

Sharon didn’t hold back this time, and confirmed Lisa’s suspicions, revealing the Phil isn’t the father of her baby. Shocked, Lisa basked in the fact that she was right this whole time, before proceeding to once again accuse Sharon of killing Mel (Tamzin Outhwaite). Sharon rebuked such a notion, and promised her that she tried to save Mel.

With Lisa now in possession of the truth, she claimed that she’s going to tell Phil. However, Sharon didn’t seem all that perturbed, and she confidently informed her adversary that — in spite of what she’s just said — she won’t follow through with her threat.

With Lisa confused as to why Sharon would think she’d keep such information under her hat, she asked the Mitchell matriarch to give her one good reason to keep quiet.

Sharon did just that, as — in a shock twist — she revealed the full truth to Lisa, informing her that Keanu is the father of her unborn baby.

Lisa was left speechless — as were the viewers!

What Lisa will do with this information remains to be seen, but given that her daughter has just given birth, the likelihood is is that she’ll keep it to herself. That’s what Sharon’s betting on, anyways!

Will Lisa keep shtum?

EastEnders continues Monday 9th December at 8pm on BBC One.

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