Spoilers: Sienna wounded as Liberty absconds with sick baby Faith in Hollyoaks

Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) was wounded during a huge showdown with Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart) in Hollyoaks tonight (December 10), as they argued over baby Faith.

Sienna discovered Liberty had been seeing hallucinations of Nico (Persephone Swale-Dawson) several weeks ago, but Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) and Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) refused to believe her.

In tonight’s episode, she attempted to offer Liberty some assistance, after discovering baby Faith was unwell.

Liberty agreed to check Faith’s temperature by using the thermometer at Sienna’s flat, but she was horrified when Nico appeared before her once more.

Damon popped by, and he soon came to discover that Sienna had been telling the truth about Liberty’s psychosis.

Therefore, he called her and pleaded with her to come and help.

Liberty wasn’t pleased when she set her sights on Sienna, and demanded that she move so that she could leave the flat.

Sienna refused to do so, and attempted to reason with her — telling her to ignore Nico’s voice and focus on her’s.

For a moment, it appeared as if Sienna’s words had made an impression on Liberty, but Liberty ultimately tried to race for the window — leaving Sienna in shock.

Sienna injured herself on broken glass, and Liberty used the distraction to escape — absconding with baby Faith in the process.

With Faith evidently unwell, Sienna is incredibly worried, but will she be able to track down Liberty and the baby before it’s too late?

Hollyoaks continues Monday December 14 at 7pm on E4. A classic Friday Favourite airs tomorrow at 7pm, find out which one here.


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