Spoilers: Zara and Emma's night out in Doctors leads to disaster

It’s time for a well-deserved night off this week in Doctors as Zara and Emma (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh and Dido Miles) head to a swanky wine bar. But events soon take an unexpected turn and the night turns out to be far less relaxing than they had both hoped.

The evening begins pleasantly with Zara opening up to Emma about the plan to find a new partner at work and Zara’s own hopes for a quiet life. But their paths soon cross with Carmen (Pamela Wayos) who is out celebrating her divorce going through.

Suddenly, Carmen has an allergic reaction to one of her drinks and Zara and Emma intervene. The paramedics arrive. Carmen is taken away. Zara and Emma decide to go back to Emma’s for cheese and toast.

But even then, their night is disrupted by the noisy return of Luca (Ross McLaren) who is accompanied by Jamie (Zak Ghazi-Torbati). The two have been out for a drink together but are soon engaged in a blazing row. Afterwards, Emma offers Luca some cheese on toast and tries to find out what the argument was about.

The next day, Emma is hungover at work and reacts badly when Luca talks angrily about Jamie.

Later, her mood lightens and they are able to talk more reasonably. But Luca is still angry about Jamie.

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