Stacey Solomon begs for help from her bed at 5am after hellish night with baby Rex as he needs feeding EVERY hour

STACEY Solomon took to social media to beg for help at 5AM this morning as she opened up about her hellish night with baby Rex.

The 29-year-old looked exhausted as she revealed that she had been up every hour last night with the newborn.

"Oh my gosh last night was hell," she revealed.

She continued : "11, 12, 1, 3, 4 and 5 -how can one baby eat so much so often? I didn't even have time to express in between. Help me."

Despite her rant, it seems that all was forgiven later on as Stacey shared an adorable photo with her son sleeping beside her in bed.

"Like it never happened. He's too cute," she captioned the snap.

Stacey and her boyfriend Joe Swash welcomed their son into the world on 23 May, however only publicly announced his name last week.

The Loose Women star wrote at the time: "Rex Toby Francis Swash. Due today, born 23.05.2019 on my Mummy’s birthday.

She continued to explain: Rex because our boys think he sounds like a T-Rex. Francis is Joe’s Nanna’s name and Toby is my Nanna’s name. Its taken us this long to announce the name because for some strange, probably hormone and post birth related, reason I didn’t want to do it until his official due date."

Meanhwhile, today  isn't the first time that the refreshingly honest star has opened up her breastfeeding struggles.

On Tuesday, Stacey admitted that she hadn't left the house in three weeks and feared she was 'neglecting' her older children as she tackles life with a new baby.

The star shared a candid photo of her "milking herself" in her bra as she played Lego with her seven-year-old son Leighton.

The mother-of-three praised the lad and her oldest child, 11-year-old Zachary, for how understanding they have been since she gave birth to baby Rex last month.

Stacey captioned the post: "Knowing that my boys don’t bat an eyelid that I’m sat playing with them whilst milking myself, or that I have to whack my boob out every hour makes me extremely proud.

"Trying to get a bit of one on one time with my big baby today in between feeds. Feel like I’ve neglected the boys over the last few weeks trying to get into a feeding pattern.

"I haven’t managed to get into one yet (IS THAT NORMAL??). I’ve now got to the point where I can’t expect them to entertain themselves any longer.

"The fact that they’ve been so amazing and understanding has made it a lot easier for me but also meant the guilt has set in a little stronger because they’re just so bloomin' good."

She added: "I really do need to get out of the house at some point in the near future too before I go stir crazy but honestly, the thought of having to wear actual clothes and interact with other humans is really daunting.

"When did anyone else leave the house after birth? Is three weeks too long? Send help…"

This comes shortly after Stacey got incredibly candid about the reality of the days following giving birth on Instagram, as she shared a sweet snap holding her son at the beginning of June.

She wrote: "Today is a smiley day. it’s been an interesting week. But it feels like the fog is lifting and I’m coming out of the fuzz.

"I’m so grateful to have our baby boy with us and be surrounded by my incredible family – my biggest privilege. But it doesn’t mean it’s been all rosey and glossy.


"Hormone surges + really struggling to breastfeed + no sleep what so ever + engorged boobs + cracked nipples + absolutely anything as minuscule as somebody kissing my babies head = total meltdown."

Stacey added: "I’ve found myself spontaneously uncontrollably sobbing into my mums arms, at least twice every day.

"Then I feel guilty that I’m not 'enjoying every second' like everyone tells you too because it passes by so quickly (and it does, my eldest is 11 and I feel like I just blinked and that happened)."

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