Star Trek Discovery season 4: EP teases ‘very different’ Book and Michael relationship

Star Trek: Discovery stars Sonequa Martin-Green in teaser

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Star Trek Discovery has charmed fans with some unique and intricate characters and plotlines. But in the last season, no-one was more important to Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) and the story than her new love interest Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala). Everything changed for her at the end of season two when the Discovery jumped through a wormhole and travelled almost a millennia into the future. 

Left without her crew for almost a year, Michael was forced to decide who she was and wanted to be in this new world were the structure and expectations of the Starfleet were no longer looming over her. 

It’s here that she met Book, who was her and the audience’s introduction to the 32nd century. 

Series showrunner Michelle Paradise has recently spoken out about the relationship between these to characters and why it’s so different from anything the show has seen before: “Book is sort of the outcast, the outsider, whose eyes the viewer can look through.”

We knew we needed someone help be a guide into this new world because it would be completely foreign to Burnham when she landed and we would need someone navigates her through the world and help her learn things,” she said.

“We knew that we wanted to keep this person with us throughout the season and have this character Book be someone that Burnham can play off against for the entirety of the season.

“The character of Book functioned on a couple of those different levels,” added Paradise. 

“We knew that we wanted something to blossom between them, a romance to blossom between them. 

“One of the things about Book is that when we were developing him, one of the things we kept talking about is that we wanted him to be fun, we wanted him and Burnham to have this kind o fun dynamic that is a bit different, very different from the dynamics that she has had with other in the past,” revealed the producer to Gold Derby. 

“And so in terms of looking for the actors that can do all of these many things David of course is the guy for that,” she explained. 

Viewers of the show were definitely glad about that casting choice since the two actors bring such a believable connection on screen. 

Martin-Green also spoke about her character relationship with Book in their interview Gold Derby: “David, what he has brought to Book is kind of inexpressible.

“I so appreciate the choices that he makes and the fervour that he brings to Book and I love what Book represents as well,” said the actress. 

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“Honestly, what Michelle [Paradise] and Alex [Kurtzman] have contributed to this show cannot possibly be quantified,” she added, praising the two co-showrunners. 

“I am so floored by the decision to bring us to this future where we can chart new territory and go where no-one has gone before. 

“Book represented a lot of that because he was our perspective on this future and he was certainly Burnham’s perspective on this future.”

The star went on to add: “Speaking of the trajectory of Burnham and how far she has come and how much she has grown, a lot of the new Burnham that you see was impacted by Book.”

She also admitted that Book’s introduction to the show has a personal impact on her as a person, being “able to see someone on the outside and be self-driven and not under the umbrella of an institution and an institution’s standards, but to be completely driven by his own heart and passion.”

“I do believe that over the course of that year as Burnham, he really moved me and it helped me chart out this new path and this new life and this new identity for myself.”

For what season four is concerned, the showrunners previously teased in an interview with Deadline that: “Her relationship with Book will be tested in many ways, for reasons I won’t tell you.”

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait quite a bit to find out what exactly will happen between the couple as season four of Star Trek Discovery does not have a release date yet but is expected for late 2021. 

Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream on Paramount+ and Netflix.

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