Strictlys Judi Loves life – money struggles to horror moment she slept on baby

Judi Love has certainly had a successful career on TV since the star found fame when she made her comedy debut during her show Laughter is Healing.

The vibrant, larger-than-life presenter has been a hit with the viewers after she catapulted to stardom back in 2011 and since then the 41-year-old has gone from strength to strength throughout her career.

But it hasn’t always been plain sailing for the Loose Women legend as the star has opened up about her struggles in life which she has gradually been more vocal about online.

And as Judi prepares to take to the stage for the first live performance of Strictly Come Dancing, fans have been dying to know more about the mum-of-two's life offscreen.

Outside of her impressive TV career, the presenter dotes on her two young children and has continued to be the anchor in their family home as a working single mum.

The star prefers to keep her children out of the media as much as possible, but she has shared some stories about her 11-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter throughout her time on Loose Women.

But being a loving parent also comes with its risks as the presenter recently revealed the terrifying moment she woke up on top of her baby daughter while they were co-sleeping in the early months of her life.

The star recalled the scary moment last month in which the Loose Women panel were discussing whether or not it is cruel to leave your baby to cry at night to establish a night time routine.

She admitted: “I was lying on my baby … I just remember crying for hours” as she recalled the traumatic experience on the show.

She explained: “So, I had her in the bed with me and I must have been in and out of sleep and when I woke up and that exhaustion … it was an exhaustion that I've never experienced in my life.

“I woke up and I remember looking at the cot thinking, ‘A cot? Who’s had a baby?’ It had clean gone out of my mind that I'd had a baby.

“And then I was like, ‘What is that?’ … I was lying on my baby. It was literally for like 10 seconds and I just jumped up cause she was kind of moving and I grabbed her. I just remember crying for hours.”

But her family troubles didn’t end there as the Loose Women star admitted she struggled with her finances in the early days of her career as she tried to balance life raising two kids while working enough to support the household.

The rising star admitted that she struggled raising her loving family when they were young as she tried her best to raise her two children alone on a zero-hours contract particularly when it came to Christmas.

She confessed to viewers: “Christmas came, and I had something like £87.

“I had these two kids, I had the bills and my debts that accumulated from just trying to take care of my kids. I wasn’t out partying … I just wanted to look after my kids.

“My mum has passed by then, so there was no, ‘Mummy, can you square me at 50’ or whatever. It was just really, really frightening.

After the young mum confessed her struggles to an employee at a loan firm, the supportive worker signed her up in her own name when Judi’s credit rating came back too low to secure a loan herself.

She went on: “This is the place you’d go to when you ain’t got nothing. You know what this woman did? She got the loan out in her name; she gave it to me. It's just one of those moments where you can’t believe you’re in that situation.”

Luckily the comedian managed to pay off all her debts when she rose in popularity as she launched herself into her comic career in 2011.

And as her children get older, the loving mum reiterated how she will always fight for her kids as she shared how she approached the topic of racism with her son last year.

The proud TV presenter first opened up about her relationship with her son on Loose Women as the Black Lives Matter picked up movement last summer.

It was at this time that the loving mum had to have the heartbreaking conversations with her son about racism.

She said: “As a black parent, having to have that conversation with my son at seven years old and explaining to him, ‘You’re a black boy, and you might be put in a situation where you are judged solely on the basis of your skin’ is heartbreaking.

“You see this young child’s eyes change, this child who has friends from so many different backgrounds and now have to take this on.”

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