Sunday Brunch host red-faced as he nearly flashes fans middle finger live on air

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    Sunday Brunch host Tim Lovejoy was left red-faced after he was told off by producers when he almost flashed his middle finger to viewers live on the show.

    During this week’s show (October 22), the dynamic duo welcomed actor Ben Miller, comedian Ross Noble, Corinne Bailey Ray, historian Tom Holland, and musicians Javone Prince and We Three. It didn’t take long before the Channel 4 turned to chaos after the Death in Paradise star asked the historian about the origins of hand signals.

    He said: “I would like to know about hand gestures so the thumbs up for example and the peace sign, what about this one [points to the sky with his hands on his hips]?” Tim warned the award-winning actor to leave the gestures there as Tom shared the reasons behind the symbols.

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    “When did people start doing those?” Ben asked again, as Tom joked: “Well I think the last one must be from 1977 I'd have guessed for Saturday Night Fever? I mean I think hand gestures are completely variable."

    The historian went on to share some interesting facts surrounding hand gestures throughout history. He explained: “So for the thumbs up it was always thought that this is what the emperors do when the Gladiators are to be spared but actually it seems that this means kill the Gladiator, so that’s very sad.

    "The V for victory and the thumbs up, there’s this story that it was a signal given by English archers in the hundred years war against the French who threatened to cut off their fingers because they were bowmen and archers."

    It was at this point that the TV presenter shared his confusion surrounding Tom's historic knowledge as he asked "I thought it was the other way round?" The star caught himself out as he twisted his hand in the air, nearly putting two fingers up to the camera.

    The presenter immediately recoiled in shock and balled his hands into a fist as his jaw dropped wide open. The studio audience immediately erupted into laughter as Tim promised: "I nearly did it but I didn't. I didn't honestly, honestly. If I did I'm sorry, but I don't think I did."

    Luckily, fans forgave him for his accidental blunder as viewers flooded to the social media platform X – formerly known as Twitter – to poke fun at his blunder online. One user joked: "Tim you're going to get yourself in trouble like this! No swearing on air [cry-laughing emoji]."

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    Another agreed: "Tim was barely holding it together there [cry-laughing emoji]" as a third echoed: "Tim and Simon are my favourites, their banter is unmatched #SundayBrunch."

    Sunday Brunch airs every Sunday on Channel 4 from 9.30am.

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