Sunday Brunch viewers left distracted by Matt Goss’ hair during show appearance

Sunday Brunch: Matt Goss discusses why he left Vegas

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Sunday Brunch was hosted by Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy this weekend and they welcomed a variety of guests onto the Channel 4 show. Matt Goss, Rachel Riley, Guy Garvey, and James Blunt joined the hosts in the studio to chat about their respective upcoming projects. However, many viewers were left distracted by Matt’s appearance, with some suggesting there was something different about his appearance.

Matt was on the show to chat about his brand new album, The Beautiful Unknown.

However, as he spoke about his latest record, several viewers were left confused by his appearance.

Some Channel 4 viewers claimed they didn’t recognise the pop star straight away when he appeared on the programme, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“Matt Goss doesn’t look like Matt Goss anymore #SundayBrunch,” @cb_038 remarked.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users made it clear they had suspicions about the musician’s hairstyle.

“Is Matt Goss wearing a wig? #SundayBrunch,” @PatelBropodcast questioned.

“Is Matt Goss wearing a syrup, or is that a comb over?… #sundaybrunch,” @mr_chambers_ asked.

“Matt Goss has bad fake hair. Can’t understand these people who can’t age naturally. Face doesn’t move too. Not being nasty, just an observation. #SundayBrunch,” @rossthe45king wrote.

“#sundaybrunch nice syrup Matt,” @IanBartlett_ added.

However, it wasn’t all bad news for the singer as some viewers came to his defence, insisting he looked good for his age.

“This Matt guy doesn’t look old enough to have been a teen or in his early 20s in the 80s. He looks so good. Ageless #SundayBrunch,” @DawudAishah remarked.

While on Sunday Brunch, Matt opened up about his passion for music and confessed he never gets nervous about performing.

The singer described the stage as “my church”, highlighting how at home he feels singing in front of a crowd.

Matt also spoke about his time in performing shows in Vegas, praising it as an “incredible” experience.

He explained: “I’ve probably learnt more in Vegas than anywhere in the world because you realise you have to figure out whether you want to be an entertainer and entertain, or you want to be famous.”

However, he did note that performing almost every night in Vegas did cause him to fall out of love with music at one point.

Matt revealed: “It got too much. It was the first time in my life I started to feel like something, not just work, but something was damaging me mentally and physically.

“It was 120 shows a year and I think I was ploughing all my energy into my work,” he said.

“I was on stage so much,” he added. “It was very repetitive to me and I just felt like it’s time that I stop this.”

Matt’s album, The Beautiful Unknown, is due to be released in February 2022.

Sunday Brunch airs Sundays at 9:30am on Channel 4.

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