Sunday Brunch viewers switch off as they blast line-up Who are they?

Sunday Brunch: Simon Rimmer makes comment about drummers

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Presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer paid homage to the Queen for a special instalment of Sunday Brunch as the monarch celebrates 70-years on the throne. Chelcee Grimes, Shaparak Khorsandi, Maggie Rogers, Conan Gray and Twinnie were the celebrities who appeared on the Channel 4 cooking show. However, many viewers claimed to have “turned off” their screens as they had “no clue” who the guests were. 

Tim and Simon were joined by comedian Shaparak, former footballer Chelcee, American singer-songwriter Maggie, musician Conan and Hollyoaks star Twinnie who were all discussing their latest projects. 

They also had the chance to try Simon’s spaghetti carbonara and various other dishes which were cooked up during the episode. 

Every time the show returned to Channel 4 following an advertisement break Simon and Tim decided to sing some cockney classics such as, I’m Henry VIII I Am, and, My Old Man Said Follow the Van. 

They encouraged the guests to sing along with them and even provided them with booklets with the lyrics inside. 

However, soon after the episode started, many viewers took to social media to hit out over the celebrity line-up, with many questioning who they were. 

@Borisnose2 tweeted: “Have no clue who any of these guests are #sundaybrunch.” (sic) 

Rubio added: “How do they decide which guests to book on this show? I vaguely know who Shappi is, but I have literally never seen or heard of any of the others!! #SundayBrunch.” (sic) 

Sue, who was equally baffled by the line-up, said: Who are they?#sundaybrunch.” 

Other viewers told their followers they were switching off the programme, with Christine McTighe remarking: “Sorry, it’s going off. This programme needs to go now .#SundayBrunch.” 

Julie Bye added: “#Sundaybrunch turned on, checked [the] guest list, [and] turned off.” 

Despite the backlash, other viewers enjoyed the royal-themed instalment of the Channel 4 cooking programme, with Zac Quinn adding: “Maggie Rogers on #SundayBrunch is a nice surprise.”

Ann Glaister, who spotted Tom Carradine playing the piano for the cockney jingles on the show, added: “Lovely to see the amazing @tomcarradine who should definitely have been playing at the palace yesterday.” 

Each guest was interviewed throughout the instalment – but things got off to an awkward start for Maggie who did not know what bunting was despite the studio being decorated with Union Jack bunting. 

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She added: “I am just along for the ride. I found myself zoning out at one of the poached eggs earlier.”

When Tim asked if any of the cockney knees-ups gave her any ideas for writing new material, she bluntly replied: “Erm, no.” 

She later discussed her latest single which “was about sex”, telling the presenters: “I felt so numb in the pandemic and I had all of these emotions.”

Tim then pulled out her new album called Surrender which she had not yet seen the cover of and appeared very excited about. 

Earlier on, Shaparak opened up to the other guests about how she worked as a cleaner before making it in comedy. 

She quipped: “When you are a cleaner no one has a go at you about using their mug or will call you into a meeting.” 

The 48-year-old old also admitted she did not want her children to know all the details about her show, called It Was the 90s, which was about navigating her way through the era in her twenties. 

Sunday Brunch continues next Sunday at 9.30am on Channel 4. 

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