Teen Mom Jenelle Evans accuses business of 'belittling' stepdaughter Maryssa by sharing teen's request for free jewelry

TEEN Mom’s Jenelle Evans slammed a small business for “belittling” her 13-year-old daughter by posting her private request for free jewelry.

The 29-year-old blasted the company all over social media, but both the business and fans clapped back at the reality star.

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Jenelle and her husband David Eason recently allowed his daughter Maryssa to get her own Instagram, and she used it to try to get a small influencer gig, like her step-mom.

Though she reportedly was not following them online, she messaged a small businesss, Highway Hippie Jewelry, and requested free items in exchange for mentioning the company in her story.

After receiving the request, the company posted the message on its Twitter but made sure to crop out Maryssa’s name and wrote with it: “Do not be this person! We get messages like this all the time but this one took the cake. 

“If you don’t follow us or if you haven’t supported us for more than one second, then do not message asking for free sh*t.”

They sent Maryssa a similar note, though more to the point, in their direct messages, as well.

Jenelle saw the tweet and slammed them for “belittling my 13-year-old stepdaughter and posting her private messages to try and embarrass her.”

She continued: “Very unprofessional behavior. I do not recommend this business to anyone.”

The Teen Mom then added: “Not to mention @highwayhippie continuously posting negative comments about my 13-year-old to her business page. 

“I would appreciate if you stop slandering a minor. Thanks!”

As Maryssa’s Instagram doesn’t have much info about her age, who her step-mom is or her connection to MTV’s Teen Mom, the jewelry company said they had no idea she was 13 and she “didn’t seem like a public figure.”

They told Jenelle that they’d take the post down, but she simply told them: “Don’t take it all back now. Too late, should have done your research before opening your mouth.”

The Teen Mom fan account, Teen Mom Shade Room, captured all of the online feuding, and fans in the comments clapped back at Jenelle and said she was the one who called out her step-daughter. 

One user wondered: “Does it even show Maryssa’s name to be able to link it to her? Would anyone had even known if Jenelle hadn’t responded?”

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Others replied to let them know that no, the original messages posted did not include Maryssa’s name and did not mention who had reached out to them asking for free products.

Another said, “The only person that called her out was Jenelle,” and a third commented, “No one knew the messages were from Maryssa until Jailnelle posted it.”

Jenelle was recently asked to give back a product she had gotten for free for her own influencing job after a bag designer realized she was “bad for business.”

The Teen Mom turned to TiKTok to promote Rock and Leather Bags, a company that sells repurposed luxury bags and helps bring awareness to mental health issues in the military. 

After Jenelle posted the video, the business owner, Erika Newman, received backlash and learned of her sordid past, including when the fired reality star wished death on a soldier. 

When Erika asked Jenelle to take the video down and return the bag, which retails for $1,000, she refused, causing a social media fight. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Erika said: “[We] got many messages from people stating they loved what we were about, but wouldn’t purchase from us because we were associated with her.”

She also added: "[Jenelle] didn’t hold up her end of the deal because she agreed to an Instagram post and never posted. 

“She also took over a week to post it after we sent it to her and messaged her multiple times asking her to post it.”

Jenelle has had trouble keeping gigs in the past. 

She was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019 when her husband David admitted to shooting and killing the family’s dog after the pooch nipped at their daughter Ensley. 

Various Instagram companies have also stopped partnerships with Jenelle. 

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