Terrified Laura Tobin says f*** live on air in between screams as she presents the weather while hanging off Blackpool Tower

WEATHER woman Laura Tobin said f*** live on today’s Good Morning Britain as she was lowered off the top of Blackpool Tower to present the weather.

The 37-year-old was utterly terrified about the task, which saw her dangling 158 metres in the air and couldn’t stop screaming.

As she went over the edge of the tower, which is celebrating it's 125th birthday, she let out the expletive and then immediately said: “Sorry, I might have said a bleep word!”

But despite her fears she managed to reveal what weather we have in store today – while still in the air.

She was then supposed to help clean the windows during their annual clean as a group of tourists looked on – and she ended up swearing again as she yelped ‘crap’.

She asked: “Is crap a swear word?”

Laura admitted she hadn’t told her mum what she would be doing on the show today and had asked her dad to make sure he didn’t watch it.

Those watching at home couldn’t believe she managed it and took to Twitter to praise her efforts.

One person wrote: “#GMB @GMB bless Laura. I couldn't have done it ! Loving the bleep words ha she smashed the weather report #Blackpool.”

A second commented: “OMG Laura is very brave,no way could I do that #GMB.”

While a third wrote: “@Lauratobin1 Well done Laura. Such an achievement abseiling down Blackpool Tower. Great Bravery! Be proud of yourself.”

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