'The Bachelorette': Could Hannah B. End Up With Luke P.?

Bachelorette Hannah Brown and contestant Luke P. had a fiery connection right off the bat. He was her first impression rose winner, after all. Historically, it hasn’t been unusual for Bachelorettes to end up with who they give their first impression rose to.

In a recent interview with ET, Hannah B. said she wasn’t necessarily thinking of the engagement rate when giving her first impression rose to Luke P.

“I don’t know. Of course, I knew that was a thing, but when I gave out my first impression rose I wasn’t like ‘Ohp, well it’s Luke P. now.’ That wasn’t the reason. I wasn’t like ‘It’s Luke P. or bust.’ No,” she responded when asked if she was going to end up with her first impression rose winner.

Even so, Hannah B. and Luke P.’s connection has certainly been one of the stronger relationships in the mansion.

“Our emotional and physical connection is like far beyond the other men,” she said.

In the most recent episode, Hannah B. had to tell Luke P. to give her some space. She felt herself zeroing in on him and had to stop herself so she could experience other contestants.

“I really was struggling last episode with ‘OK, like, it’s not just Luke P.’ But him being like ‘I’m starting to fall in love with you’ was like ‘Yay!’ but also like ‘Alright, that’s a lot at one time. Let me not go all in right now because if I do that then what am I gonna do the rest of the time?’ So I really did kind of have to pump the breaks for myself with him because I am one who would just zero in on somebody. And if we’re looking right now, Luke P. was really easy for me to zero in on,” she said.

Why Hannah Brown could end up with Luke P.

In the interviews she’s given just after filming the finale, Hannah B. doesn’t seem ecstatic and in love. She seems exhausted. One possibility as to why could be that she ends up with Luke P. and then sees all of this footage revealing his aggressive behavior when she’s not there.

“It’s going to be interesting for me to watch some of the things that happen because I only know what happens in the interactions that I have with the men and what they say to me and what I feel with them. I don’t know what happens anywhere else. So to see some of the things in the teasers I’m like ‘Huh, interesting,’” she told ET.

The other piece of evidence that points to this theory is that Luke P. is posting weird, cryptic stuff on Instagram addressing his behavior.

Sure, he could just be doing some PR for himself, but he could also be doing it for Hannah if she ended up choosing him.

But, of course, in the most recent episode, Luke P. started to annoy Hannah B. and she wasn’t shy about letting him know about it. So is this the beginning of the end or just a bump in the road?  

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