'The Bachelorette': How Could Clare Crawley Be Engaged — Only 2 Weeks Into Filming? — Fans Think They Know

The rumors that are flying around about The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley keep getting weirder. First, we heard that she threatened to quit the show, and now a mere three days later, news outlets are reporting that she is engaged. Bachelor fans believe they know what happened, and former star Ben Higgins supports their theory. 

Did ‘The Bachelorette’ lead Clare Crawley quit the show?

Multiple news outlets confirmed that Crawley left the show after roughly 12 days of filming. However, she did leave on good terms with producers. Entertainment Tonight confirmed that the hairstylist fell for one of her men. She was so sure about the connection that she did not want to lead the other guys on longer than she had to.

The 39-year old liked a tweet on Sunday night for the first time since leaving social media on July 7, 2020. It is a well-known fact that contestants and leads must surrender their cell phones while filming for the show. However, Monday morning, she unliked the tweet. Fans do not miss a thing when it comes to Bachelor Nation.

Lauren Zima from Entertainment Tonight shared a photo of herself with the new Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams, and the breaking news.

“BREAKING: CONGRATS, TAYSHIA!” Zima wrote. “ET has learned Tayshia is the new #TheBachelorette. That doesn’t mean we won’t see Clare Crawley’s journey, and I can’t WAIT to watch them both. This will be a franchise first.” 

Former ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Believes the rumors are all true

Life & Style reported on Aug. 3, 2020, that Crawley is now engaged to Dale Moss. A source revealed to the news outlet that the former NFL player proposed to the 39-year-old reality TV star. The hairstylist quit filming after only 12 days on the show, so the proposal seems rushed. However, Higgins believes the rumors are true.

“I’m 99 percent positive this is true,” Higgins explained on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “Nobody ever quits the show. The show captures whatever you choose to do with or without you agreeing to it. They have you under contract. You’re not running away from the show.” 

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Higgins speaks from his experience on the show and with the producers. The former lead also explains his theory about how things went down.

“One theory is this has always been part of the plan,” he continued. “They always knew that Clare was going to fall quickly, fall hard. [The Bachelor producers] kind of admire that about her — they wanted to show that love story. They had cast 42 men before this whole thing started.” 

He points out that a typical season only has 25 contestants, but Crawley had almost double from the beginning. 

Could ‘The Bachelorette’ lead Clare Crawley be engaged after only 2 weeks of filming?

“I definitely believe this,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Clare is the type to express how she feels in her facial expressions. I’m just happy she decided to leave and not pick the wrong person and then leave him for Dale. She knew from the start.”

Other fans agree that knowing Crawley’s personality from previous shows; they could see her falling hard.

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“I do, too, and Ben said that he believed it precisely because of that,” added another fan. “He said that he always knew her as someone who didn’t have a very strong filter for her feelings. (He did not mean this in a negative way). So, he could easily see her expression giving away her connection to a contestant.”

Bachelor fans will find out the truth when The Bachelorette airs mid to late September 2020 on ABC.

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