The Bachelor's Sarah Trott Encourages 'Women Supporting Women' After Tense Exit from Show

Sarah Trott is speaking out after Monday night's episode of The Bachelor saw her choose to leave the show amid brewing tensions with her fellow contestants.

At the end of the episode, which featured a few hostile exchanges between Trott and some of the other women, she told lead Matt James that she didn't think she could go on.

"I just felt really called to go home and be with my family," said the 24-year-old broadcast journalist, whose father has ALS. "I just don't think I'm ready for this."

Hours after it aired, she shared a post on Instagram with a lengthy caption about the value of women supporting other women.

"We see the quote 'women supporting women' all the time on the internet but what does that really mean? To me, it means sharing encouragement instead of judgment," she captioned the post. "Refraining from negative comments even when it's sometimes easier to say something mean instead of something nice."

"It means supporting a female owned business and paying full price," she continued. "It means supporting a younger woman in your industry and offering guidance and support when appropriate. It means valuing community over competition. It does NOT mean you have to pretend to like everyone always. That's impossible. But it DOES mean being a good person, keeping your head up and refraining from degrading another human being." 

"You never know the internal battles another person is going through. At the end of the day, please just be a decent, kind individual," Trott concluded. 

The post itself featured a rather pointed quote — "Real queens fix each other's crowns," an apparent reference to fellow contestant Victoria Larson, who has dubbed herself "the Queen."

Larson spoke out against Trott during Monday's episode, which picked up with Trott fainting during the rose ceremony. Some of the other women complained about how Trott had already received a rose and whispered about how she had supposedly told them she didn't know "if she's cut out for this."

"I've definitely never fainted for attention, and I don't think I've ever even fainted," Larson told the cameras at one point. "You've got to pull it together and don't faint. This is The Bachelor, it's not The Sarah Show, but Sarah didn't get that memo."

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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