The Chase fans baffled as contestants real age leaves them in total disbelief

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The Chase fans were completely baffled when one contestant revealed his real age.

Angela from Hollywell, Gabe from Borehamwood, Fiona from Maidenhead and Paul from Birmingham came together in a bid to beat The Chaser and take home some cash.

But it wasn't the team's quizzing skills that took hold of the viewers' attention, it was Paul from Birmingham's real age.

While introducing himself Paul said that he was 60 years of age – something that viewers at home were not expecting in the slightest.

Taking to Twitter to air their complete disbelief, fans of The Chase couldn't help but discuss Paul and his ageless looks.

"Paul is 60???? What?!!! I want what he's smoking #thechase," penned one viewer at home.

Another went on to say: "How the f**k is he 60 pls wtf #TheChase."

"I beg your pardon Paul? You’re 60!? No way. He looks my age! #TheChase," penned a third person.

While a fourth joked: "I look terrible compared to this Paul guy #TheChase."

"F**k off," said another in disbelief, before adding: "If Paul said he was 35 to 40, I would f**king believe him! Honestly, I bet he still got asked for ID on his 40th birthday #TheChase."

A sixth went on: "Paul is 16, not 60 – and he’s had a very hard life so far… #TheChase."

While someone else joked: "#TheChase Paul though they told him to state his IQ, not his age! Lol."

Paul was the final team member to take to the podium and when he did Bradley Walsh was also in shock over the contestant's age.

Chatting about his life and how he is now retired from teaching, Paul dropped his age into the conversation again.

"Yes, I'm 60," he said smugly when Brad's eyes went wide.

"Crikey, you look good for 60," Bradley said to the quizzer.

Before Paul took on Shaun Wallace he also revealed that he was a national league basketball player and travelled all round the country – something that left Bradley shocked once more.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV and ITVHub at 5pm.

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