The Chase fans baffled as player gets multiple choice sports question wrong

The Chase fans have been left bewildered by one contestant's staggering football error.

Appearing on Tuesday's episode of the ITV quiz show was energy company worker and "massive" Lord of the Rings fan Abby, who stepped up as the first contestant.

After securing £4,000 in the cash-building round, it was revealed by host Bradley Walsh that Abby would be taking on her most feared Chaser, Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty.

While attempting to get home with her middle offer, Abby made a pretty big football mistake with the first question asked of her, leading her to be ridiculed by fans.

For her first question, Abby was asked: "In football, 'zonal marking' is a tactic used when a team is doing what?"

She was then asked to choose an answer from the choices of attacking, defending and taking a penalty.

Slow to press her buzzer, Abby opted to go for the third option, taking a penalty.

"I hate sport," she said. "[I have] no idea."

"You hate sport?" Bradley replied, before enquiring if bookworm Abby had "ever read about it?"

Revealing she hadn't, Bradley confirmed that the answer was actually defending, which The Governess, 63, correctly guessed.

Explaining her accurate choice, Anne said: "I don't know about the 'zonal' bit but marking is what you do when you're defending."

While Abby moved on with her quizzing, viewers were left stunned by her glaring lack of football knowledge.

One disbelieving viewer wrote: "Taking a pen???"

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Another wrote: "I'm going to go out on a limb and say zoning means the marking is done within zones."

A third commented: "Hate sport?? Could never have guessed."

"Not clever, that was easy" another concluded.

The Chase airs at 5pm on weekdays on ITV

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