The Chase fans baffled as question blunder spotted Oh dear

The Chase fans fume at player's controversial advice for teammate

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Four hopefuls took on The Chase’s Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty with the combined aim of taking home their share of the prize pot. One contestant, however, had an extra hurdle to get to the final when one of his cash builder questions had a mistake in it.

Alex, Freddie, Doreen and Dan entered the studio, with the first three contestants making the final chase.

Stepping up to take on The Governess first was Alex.

Performing well under pressure and building a nice amount of cash, Alex had no time to let a question blunder stop him from making it back to base.

Fans of the show took to social media instantly to call out the show’s inaccuracy, saying, “oh dear” indeed.

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The question read out by show host Bradley Walsh said: “The word ‘shyster’ originally referred to an unscrupulous person in what profession?”

The three options that when then presented were A, Laywer, B, Doctor and C, Architect. 

Eagle-eyed fans spotted straight away that it should have said, Lawyer.

An unimpressed Paul said: “Oops. No one bothering checking their graphics today then! #TheChase #Lawyer.”

Loyal viewer Ruth added: “#TheChase Oh dear spelling mistake on the show today: LAWYER! Not as on screen laywer.”

“Did I just see ‘LAYWER’ instead of ‘LAWYER’ on the question caption? #TheChase,” Katherine echoed them.

Finding the humour in it, viewers asked for “spellcheckers” to be used in future on the show. 

Alex introduced himself as a “quizmaster” when Bradley asked him to tell viewers about himself, and clearly, those skills allowed him simply bat off the typo.

The trio did manage to bank £16,000, with Dan being caught in his solo round.

However, fellow quizzer Doreen recommended that Dan take the low offer of minus £4,000, advice that if he didn’t ignore may have allowed him to secure a place in the final. 

Anne was unstoppable, managing to catch them out with an impressive 20 seconds to spare. 

Previously Bradley revealed that he has to read the questions at a particular speed in the final chase, taking only 3.6 to four seconds to fire the questions at the contestants and Chasers.

Bradley has defended the show recently when there have been claims of it being a fix. 

The 61-year-old has said “if there is a slight misread”, he is “stopped immediately” by lawyers.

With the show initially airing in 2009, it has been so popular with fans that Beat The Chasers launched in 2020.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5 pm on ITV.

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