The Chase viewers threaten to switch off as they moan over easy questions

The Chase fans were unimpressed with the latest instalment of the much-loved show, saying some of the questions were too "easy".

Tuesday's episode of the ITV quiz show – which is hosted by actor and presenter Bradley Walsh – saw the contestants asked questions such as: "Which Swedish teenager returned to school in 2020 after a year of activism?" (Greta Thunberg), and which Amy a book about a late pop star was about (Amy Winehouse).

Other questions included one about children's TV show The Octonauts and one about the character Lady Penelope from The Thunderbirds.

One contestant was asked which creature wakes up from sleeping and goes "hop, hop, hop" (bunnies).

Viewers thought some of the questions were just too simple for the hopefuls and posted messages on Twitter sharing their thoughts on the subject.

"These are some very very easy questions," said one viewer, who would have apparently liked to have seen something a bit more challenging being asked of the contestants.

Another fan of the programme said they were "an easy set of questions".

"They were p*** easy questions," said someone else.

One fan seemed to be really cheesed off as they said the episode was "absolutely rubbish". And another suggested they were switching off, tweeting: "Time to walk the dog, methinks."

It isn't the first time that fans have been left fuming over so-called "easy" questions on the show, which sees the hopefuls playing against a professional quizzer, known as the "chaser".

Earlier this month some people were annoyed when a contestant was asked which legendary creature was caught on camera in Scotland in 1933, saying most people would know it was the Loch Ness Monster.

She was also asked which giant ape Godzilla fought in the 1962 Japanese film, and answered "King Kong".

The Chase continues weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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