The Chases Bradley Walsh confuses fans as he rages over age excuse

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    The Chase host Bradley Walsh left viewers confused after going on a bizarre rant about age during in the middle of a player’s turn.

    The chatty host welcomed three four new players to the panel all hoping to take home a huge cash prize.

    After player Ranveej bagged an impressive £7k in his cash builder round, he moved over to take on today’s chaser, Paul Sinha, aka, The Sinnerman.

    But after a series of questions, Sanjeev appeared to use the excuse of being “too young” to know the answers to a lot of questions, causing Bradley to embark on a speech about age, which viewers found “awkward.”

    “We’re stuck in a time vortex,” Bradley began.

    “As the years roll by, the seconds tick past, my life flashing before my eyes, badly edited I have to say,” he continued, following Ranveej having never heard of the band Heaven 17. "

    Fans immediately took to social media to comment as one wrote: "Shut up Bradley what’s he on about??"

    Another added: “Shut up Brad ya nutter. Being young is not an excuse!”

    While a third asked: “Why is Brad reciting a poem? Cue awkward silence!”

    Janveer further engaged fans at home with the age excuse when asked a question about “what part of the body you would wear a stole.”

    Answering incorrectly by choosing around the waist instead of over the shoulders, fans further ranted about contestants claiming their age is the reason they did not know they answer.

    “General knowledge quizzes have f**k all to do with age . when will that stupid tw*t Bradley Walsh realise that? I know about Henry the 8th but I’m not 450 fu**ing years old!!

    “Bradley age has nothing to do with the amount of knowledge one can possess,” said a second as a third raged: “I wish they would stop using age as an excuse!”

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