‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Asks Fox News: What’s In A Kraine?

Trevor Noah said tonight on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show that even though millions of people have been talking about the impeachment inquiry hearings, the Fox News analysis is “meh, brrrzzzpp.”

Fox News has claimed the hearings are “about a transcript of a phone call with a country no one cares about,” and that, “No one can find Ukraine on the map.” They even asked what language was “quid pro quo.”

“Is Fox saying Americans are too dumb?” Noah asked. Perhaps, he suggested to Fox, the audience would better grasp the situation with a change of words. “Maybe if we called it a Presidential boo-boo.”

The putdowns of Ukraine are in stark contrast to what Fox News did when Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi scandal happened. Then, Noah contended, the Fox pundits were only too eager to dive deeply into the political minutiae of that country.

“But then, when it’s a Trump scandal, it’s, “What’s a Ukraine? Do you Kraine? Do I kraine? Frazier Crane?”





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