The Ipcress File divides ITV viewers I cant watch anymore

The Ipcress File official trailer from ITV

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The six-part ITV series The Ipcress File is the small screen adaptation of the popular spy novel by Len Deighton and the first adaptation of the title since the 1965 film of the same name starring Michael Caine. With Peaky Blinders star Joe Cole in the lead role of Harry Palmer, the 1960s crime thriller seems to either sit well with viewers or force them to switch off.

Now halfway through the series, the show seems to be middle of the road viewing for ITV spectators.

Giving it a good try, Mark Evans had had enough and tweeted: “#Theipcressfile sorry but I’ve tried and just can’t watch anymore.”

He wasn’t the only one who thought this, with many viewers finding the artistic camera angles, muted colour palette, and pace of dialogue going against the show.

Joanne Legge simply asked: “Is this deliberately bad? #TheIpcressFile.”

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Phaedra Parker shared her thoughts: “Just thought I’d try #theipcressfile wish I’d not bothered! 

“Sore neck from watching all the sideways camerawork.”

This complaint has been raised each week so far, with many viewers not appreciating the angle some scenes were filmed at.

However, some watchers appear to be enjoying the show for the same reason that many didn’t.

Cheerleader @Monkeereckons added: Tell you what, @ITV you’ve absolutely knocked it out of the park with #theipcressfile .

“Top class entertainment. Thank you.”

@Umb0g0 chimed in: “I really am loving #theipcressfile it catches the look and feel of those 1960s spy films so well.” (sic)

The most recent episode saw Harry Palmer and Jean Courtney (played by Lucy Boynton) in Beirut on a rescue mission.

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Lucy has also recently opened up and her character and how she enjoyed getting to play a strong female character from that generation.

On the intricacies of the period show she said: “The nuanced, specific attention to detail on absolutely everything. 

“Every file you would open at the Charlotte Street offices would contain forms and notations specific to scenes mentioned but never seen, references to previous cases and so on.”

There are six books that revolve around Harry James, which could mean a long stint for Joe playing the lead.

He had previously said on playing the role: “Harry Palmer is an iconic character. The anti-Bond. 

“I hadn’t seen the movies prior to being sent the project and didn’t know much about him, but I quickly found myself enamoured with the man, the myth, the legend. 

“And once I found out who was on board – the director James Watkins and other creatives – had read the scripts and did some homework on the character, it just felt like a really fantastic opportunity to play someone that is different to me, but also shares some similarities. 

The Ipcress File continues on ITV on Sunday at 9pm. The whole series is available to watch now on the ITV Hub.

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