The Last Kingdom season 5: Will Aelflaed die as Edwards new wife is introduced?

The Last Kingdom: Netflix tease fourth season of show

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The Last Kingdom season five is on the way to Netflix and the historical drama will be wrapping up some major storylines. At the end of season four, Aelflaed (played by Amelia Clarkson) watched as her father Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller) poisoned Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth). Aelflaed may get her comeuppance in the final season as King Edward’s new wife joins the cast.

Will Aelflaed die in The Last Kingdom season 5?

The Last Kingdom season five will jump forward in time following the events of the season four finale.

Lady Aelswith was lucky to survive the poisoning during the Winchester siege, as Lord Aethelhelm wanted her out of the picture.

He and his daughter Aelflaed were keen to see the throne go to Aeflaed’s son, rather than her husband Edward’s (Timothy Innes) son, Aethelstan (Harry Gilby).

The pair had planned to kill Aelswith so they could gain more control over who Edward’s successor would be.

Revenge will almost certainly be on the cards after Edward discovers how his mother nearly died.

Death could be the punishment for Edward’s wife Aelflaed as he discovers how she betrayed him and his family.

Many fans already believe she could meet her demise as the show comes to an end after five years.

Her death also seems to have been ‘confirmed’ after the creators of the series introduced a new character.

Eadgifu (Sonya Cassidy) will be joining the cast for the final season and she is based on a real historical figure.

Her character is likely to be based on King Edward’s third wife, whom he married in 919.

The couple went on to have two sons and two daughters together.

The Saxon king has had a number of love interests throughout the series, starting with Ecgwynn (Julia Brown).

She gave birth to Aethelstan but was forced to join a convent after claims her marriage to Edward was unofficial.

The king went on to marry Aelflaed in 899 but she never attested as queen.

She has two sons and five or six daughters before being cast aside by Edward.

He left Aelflaed in order to marry Eadgifu, who gave birth to Edmund I, the future king.

Edward’s marriage to Aelflaed must have ended in the late 910s, so she could leave the series imminently.

The king did not have his wife killed in real life, but this may be where the show utilises its creative license.

There is a chance the young king could make his wife pay for conspiring against his mother.

Clarkson is due to appear in the fifth and final season but at this stage, there is no knowing how long she will last.

If Edward decides to let her live, she may be banished from the kingdom along with her son.

Her father, Aethelhelm, is expected to continue as one of the show’s main antagonists.

In The Saxon Stories on which the series is based, he puts up a fight against Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and Aethelstan.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Eadgifu’s appearance leads to Aelflaed’s demise.

The Last Kingdom seasons 1-4 are on Netflix now

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