The most controversial Jeremy Kyle Show moments from the OAP unmasked as a sex offender to brothers who were lovers

FOR the past 14 years, The Jeremy Kyle show has kept viewers tuned in with shock DNA test revelations and on-stage bust ups.

But ITV's most popular daytime show is so controversial that it's just been permanently canned, after a  63-year-old guest is thought to have taken his own life after failing the show’s lie detector test.

As avid viewers prepare for a hole in their morning viewing, we look back at the most controversial moments of the Jeremy Kyle Show.

The lovers who were brothers

The most shocking DNA result the show turned up left two men in a relationship devastated when they discovered they were actually half-brothers.

Paul and Lee met on an internet dating site and spoke for two years before hooking up.

But when Lee’s mum Ena met Paul, she thought he looked like her ex-husband Ron.

And when she found out he shared a surname she told her son she thought he had a secret half-brother.

Paul had been put into care at 18 months because Ena had four children and "couldn't cope" after splitting from his dad.  She went on to have Lee with a second husband.

The pair contacted the show to find out the truth – and were mortified at the results.

Lee said: "It makes me sick. It makes me basically feel horrible. I can't describe it."

Paul and Lee later revealed they had moved on but remain close as brothers.

Jeremy exposes pensioner as a sex offender

Sara Worrall confronted her 75-year-old stepfather Gordon Heaton and accused him of sexually abusing her at the age of 10 in one shocking episode.

Gordon’s son Chris claimed Sara was a liar and accused her of prostitution.

But Jeremy produced a newspaper clipping from 1964 that proved Gordon has been convicted of a similar sexual assault in 1964.

After the show Sara reported the assault to the police and Gordon was arrested.

In 2015, he was fund guilty of sexual assault at Liverpool Crown Court and jailed for 11 months .

The junkie who left a needle next to baby’s cot

Furious mum Gemma appeared on the show after finding a used syringe containing blood near where her 11-month-old baby slept.

She suspected her ex Scott – who claimed he had been drug-free for five years – had left it there, and a lie detector proved her right.

She also discovered her godfather Paul had been using drugs, and flew into a rage, causing the security team to step in and drag Paul off stage.

The couple who were ‘too fat to work’ exposed as cheaters

Stephen and Michelle Beer claimed they were too obese to work and earned the nickname "Britain's fattest benefits claimants" when they appeared on the show.

But it seems they had other ways of filling their time when lie detector results revealed they had both cheated on each other in the past.

The Plymouth couple – who have 13 children between them – first found fame on Channel Four show ‘Too Fat to Work’.

They attended a fitness boot camp where they lost a massive 13-stone, allowing them to have sex for the first time in years.

But after he started message a woman on Facebook, and accused her of cheating with a male friend, things started to unravel.

The couple filed for divorce after the show.

Jeremy scolds on audience for laughing at domestic abuse

Husband Geoff opened up about the domestic abuse he suffered at the hands of his wife and told the show he sustained multiple injuries after jumping from a third-storey window when she locked him in a flat.

But his brave revelations were met with laughter from the studio audience and Jeremy was not happy.

He unleashed a passionate tirade scolding them for their double standards and pointing out if a man had behaved like that to a woman he would be seen as a "complete nightmare who should be locked up."

Groom who cheated on his wedding day

It's meant to be the best day of your life – but one bride who appeared on the show accused her husband of cheating on her on their wedding day.

The lie detector proved her right – and she branded the groom a "dirty little tramp" – before asking her husband for a divorce.

Jeremy branded the other woman the "worst liar that's ever been on this stage” and spat “you couldn’t even spell the word 'truth'.”

Guest who ‘punched, kicked and disfigured’ girlfriend over lie detector

In 2009, 23-year-old Rebecca Langley failed a lie detector about alleged cheating on boyfriend Jamie Juste.

Later, as the pair watched the episode at home, Juste launched a frenzied attack on Rebecca.

A court heard how he “punched and kicked her repeatedly in the face, leaving her temporarily disfigured”.

Juste was jailed for two years but the judge slammed the show for persuading “foolish and gullible people” to expose their private lives on television and said the couple “must have suffered considerable mortification and embarrassment.”

The show’s producers denied any culpability.

A spokesperson said: “The programme provides an opportunity for people to resolve pre-existing disputes and personal issues on neutral territory, with the offer of counselling, mediation and support, which is on-going following their appearances.”

Stepdad caught out for affair with stepdaughter

Sleazy stepdad Chaz told the show he "can't abide people who cheat" – but he was soon caught out.

It was revealed on he had told stepdaughter Karen he'd spend the rest of his life with her if things didn't work out with her mum, Pam.

And a lie detector proved the pair had been cheating behind Pam’s back.

Karen’s furious sister Lisa branded her "desperate" – saying she's "no sister of mine" – and Chaz and Karen both stormed off the stage, leaving devastated Pam behind.

The show so violent it was never aired

Viewers are used to onstage brawls so whatever happened on July 11, 2015, must have been extreme.

The show was never aired because of “violent content.”

At the time, a spokeswoman said: "The Jeremy Kyle Show does not show violence and neither does it condone it in any way.

"We refute any claim that there was any kind of ‘goading’ or ‘provocation’ and the show cooperated fully with police in their enquiries following the incident."

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