'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond Gets Honest About Her 'Stretchy Pandemic Pants'

We’ve all got a pair, those trousers made of elastic material that allow individuals confined to their homes with too much food to grow with the fabric of the pants.

It’s just that The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond is the only one willing to admit to owning what she calls “stretchy pandemic pants.”

For someone with the Food Network host’s gift for making almost anything into a veritable feast, you need to hear about these pants.

Ree Drummond made her children’s book available to young learners early in the pandemic

At the start of “shelter-in-place” orders in March 2020, a fan of Drummond’s asked the Oklahoma resident for her assistance. The fan who is a teacher, tweeted her call for help to the homeschooling mom, requesting the cooking phenom’s permission to use her Charlie the Ranch Dog series to instruct her students via virtual learning.

Not only did Drummond grant her permission; she offered to send a complimentary copy of the book for each of the instructor’s students saying, “Of course you can! Such a great idea. I’d love to send a copy to each student to read at home if we can figure out a place to send them.”

Ree Drummond has been getting her cooking show done at home – with a little help

In the current pandemic, Drummond, like so many other television chefs, has taken to filming her cooking program from her home. Since she has been unable to rely on the assistance of her usual Food Network crew, she’s enlisted the help of her on-site team: her kids.

“We have a learning curve with technology and a few things…[There is] a lot more cutting up and definitely more bloopers. And so a lot of that is included. Some angles of the camera you see Alex filming and so it’s a little more gritty and it was a lot of fun,” she told People. “We said, ‘Let’s just be messy about it because that’s exactly what this situation is.’ It was quite messy, but the kids did a great job and it kept them out of trouble.”

About Ree Drummond’s ‘pandemic pants’

With all the cooking the 51-year-old mother of four has been doing in the four months since most of the world was encouraged to be home and stay home, it was inevitable that at some point, no-zipper, no-button stretchy pants would make an appearance.

“They’re black yoga pants, and I think (it was) the day all the kids came home – I would say it was March 12 or March 13 – and I have not worn anything, but black yoga pants since then,” she told USA Today in August 2020. “And part of it is that we were home and comfortable, and there was no reason to, but the other part is, I cooked so much and nibbled so much that I was afraid to put on my jeans.”

Thankfully, as she told USA Today, once she got back to “exercising a lot,” she found her jeans “actually fit pretty nicely. So, I’m feeling better about life.”

Goodbye for now, stretchy pants!

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