The Rookie fans work out Bailey death as promo drops deadly hint

The Rookie: ABC releases preview for latest episode

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ABC’s hit procedural drama, The Rookie could soon see the departure of Bailey Nune (played by Jenna Dewan) after the latest promo clip teased the firefighter heading towards danger. Viewers also believe this is the case as they took to social media with an upcoming exit theory. 

Bailey was first introduced to fans in season three as John Nolan’s (Nathan Fillion) date to Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) and Evers’ (Shawn Ashmore) wedding. 

However, she didn’t return as a recurring character until season four, when she ran into Nolan at a crime scene. 

Since then, the two began to date and eventually got engaged earlier this season.

However, Bailey and Nolan may not make it down the aisle as the promo clip for episode 14 hinted at her tragic death. 

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Throughout the 30-second clip, the police teamed up with firefighters to investigate a mysterious crime. 

Someone had set a car alight to lure in firefighters and then proceeded to shoot at them as Nolan confirmed: “Our shooter is specifically targeting firefighters.”

This worried Bailey, as she told Nolan: “I’d be better once there’s not some psycho gunning fire crews in the city.”

However, as Bailey was tending to a patient and confirming her lunch plans with Nolan, gunshots could be heard.

The driver was shot and lost control of the vehicle which was headed towards the back of a skip. 

As Bailey attempted to squeeze into the driver seat and take over the steering wheel, she looked up and realised it may be too late. 

Fans are also convinced this crash could lead to Bailey’s death and they took to Twitter to share their theories.

The Rooie fan @CookieEdits_ tweeted: “Personally, I think they’re doing this whole cat with 9 lives thing then kill Bailey off. 

“She’s survived a lot so far and I just keep feeling like they’ll kill her off. She and Nolan will NOT get married,” they added. 

A second fan @jilly_bean92 added: “I’ve been wanting this. We need a character death that will add to the drama aspect of the show without totally wrecking us.”

@chicagodrabbles suggested: “Maybe they don’t, but maybe the accident implied in the promo is a close call which causes them to settle on a date & get married.”

While an unbothered @MidwesternMama2 wrote: “I like her, I really do, but she & Nolan give off best bud vibes …The show could go on without her relatively unscathed.” 

Despite this, other fans were heartbroken at the prospect of Bailey dying. 

As @asioigle2013 shared: “Is Bailey gonna die???? Someone is attempting against firefighters the next episode will be so exciting and scary I don’t want Bailey to die poor Nolan.”

A devastated @Fran87bcn added: “Noooooooooooooooo,“ followed by a sad-looing emoji.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see the fallout of Bailey’s accident and whether she and Nolan will make it down the aisle. 

The Rookie season 5 continues Tuesdays on ABC in the US and Thursdays on Sky Witness in the UK.

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