The White Lotus finale fan reaction and all the clues that hinted at shock ending

After several weeks of drama, twists and turns, The White Lotus fans have been left in shock at the dramatic and unexpected ending of series two.

The show follows a week in the life of a group of wealthy strangers staying at a five star hotel in Sicily and delves into their dysfunctional and eccentric lives.

We were told at the very beginning of the first episode that "multiple" guests would die by the end of the week with one of their bodies being found floating in the ocean at the resort.

But it took until the seventh and final episode to find out who the mystery corpse in the ocean is, with fans praising the show’s tense and dramatic finale.

Praising the show on Twitter, one viewer wrote: “White Lotus 1 was great, but White Lotus 2 was literally perfection. A masterclass in television writing. Every character examined thoroughly, every story told with a great arc and end, and every moment important. 10/10 couldn’t have possibly been better."

Another person agreed, adding: “This #WhiteLotus finale is a master class in how to build tension and suspense. It deserves all the Emmys.”

The show’s mix of characters included comedy icon Jennifer Coolidge, who reprised her role as extravagant billionaire Tanya McQuoid.

She arrived at the hotel with her third husband Greg, only to find him leaving the holiday mid-way through to attend to suspicious business.

Tanya was then befriended by a group of gay locals, who took her under their wing and invited her into their lavish party lifestyle – with disastrous consequences, as it was revealed that fan favourite Tanya was the body floating in the sea.

Tanya's death was actually accidental and came after she went on a murderous rampage though new pal Quentin's yacht, killing him, his pal Didier and escort Niccoló, who had been hired to murder her.

After gunning them down, Tanya attempted to escape from the yacht, but slipped and fell overboard, hitting her head on a dinghy next to it.

Praising Jennifer’s performance, one viewer wrote: “Jennifer Coolidge deserves an Oscar for her riveting performance in the finale. Sis had my heart rate through the roof and then brought me to tears.”

But perhaps no character got more praise than Daphne Sullivan, played by Meghann Fahy. Daphne was on holiday with her husband Cameron (Theo James) and another married couple, Ethan (Will Sharpe) and Harper Spiller (Aubrey Plaza).

Daphne at first seemed blissfully ignorant of the darker sides of her husband's life, but it soon became clear that not only was she was well aware, but also exacting revenge by cheating too.

The finale saw Ethan tell Daphne that he suspected something was going on between their spouses, with the mum-of-two then carefully considering the information before calmly deciding on the best course of action… getting them back by cheating together.

Fans praised Meghann’s acting in the scene, with one person writing: “THIS MOMENT. THIS LOOK. GIVE HER THE EMMY.”

Another viewer wrote: “meghann fahy deserves to be cast in everything after her performance as daphne in white lotus season 2, but in particular because of this absolutely brilliant, devastating, and subtle acting moment right here.”

And although the ending was a shock to some, some viewers pointed out the death of Tanyahad been foreshadowed all along.

One eagle-eyed fan pointed out that even in the poster for the series, Tanya is the only one 'popping out' and riding away from the rest of the characters on a motorcycle.

Someone else suggested Tanya’s untimely death was even hinted at in the first episode, when she slipped while getting off the boat that brought her to the island.

Posting a clip of the scene, one viewer wrote: “Highly suggest re-watching the 1st White Lotus episode after the finale…”

Another recurring motif in the series was oranges, which – since the release of The Godfather – have frequently been used as an onscreen symbol for death.

At her final breakfast with her soon-to-be deceased boss, Portia was also ominously wearing a The Godfather tshirt.

But many still didn't see the ending coming, with someone writing: "WHITE LOTUS FINALE… even with all the theories and predictions I was still surprised."


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