Tipping Point fan says her dog hates Ben Shephard and won’t let her watch show

A Tipping Point viewers was left seriously concerned by her little dog's behaviour whenever Ben Shephard came on the show, worrying that the pooch hated the ITV host.

The viewer, Sandra, got in touch with This Morning on Tuesday, as hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke to a pet psychic.

She said she can't enjoy Tipping Point any more as her dog goes crazy and just barks at Ben whenever he's on the screen.

Sandra shared her concerns with pet psychic Beth Lee-Crowther, who had some really encouraging words.

Phil explained Sandra's problem, though found it difficult to keep his composure.

He said: "Here's a tricky one. Sandra's asked, 'Why does my dog hate Ben Shephard? My dog Millie hates Ben Shephard and Tipping Point,'" before adding: "That's a shame as it's a good show!"

Continuing reading Sandra's message, Phil went on: "'She gets hysterical if she sees or hears Ben Shephard on TV. I love Tipping Point but I can't watch it anymore as it's too traumatic for me.'"

Phil asked Beth where the apparent doggy hatred for Ben came from, and she was full of enlightening answers.

"I don't think she hates Ben Shephard but, what she does pick up on – I don't know if you've got a soft spot for Ben, actually, Sandra – but you get quite excited when it comes on and she picks up on that excitement and those vibes and she gets into an excitable state.

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"It might be to do with the name Ben. Look out for that as it comes in a significant way."

Ben actually responded to the bizarre moment on Twitter.

He wrote: "I feel me and Millie need to meet to work through her issues!" adding a series of laughing emojis and the hashtag "haters gonna hate".

Beth had been leaving Holly, Phil and viewers shocked with her enlightened comments, with her mentioning names to other callers that actually had meaning to them.

She suggested the name Tom to one viewer worried for her cat, who then admitted her other cat was called Tom.

And she told a woman who was worried her horse didn't like her to look out for a Linda, before the caller explained Linda had been her close friend who had died.

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