Tipping Point fans fume over player who kept passing and claiming to know answer

Tipping Point fans soon became annoyed with player Jade, who had an epic first round but kept continuing to pass throughout the entire second round.

On Friday's programme, host Ben Shephard was joined by players Ish, Jade and Michelle who all went head-to-head for a chance of winning the £10,000 jackpot.

Jade got off to a flying start after Ish had answered the first question correctly and passed to his opponent to go first.

It proved to be a great pass for Jade who cashed out bagging herself a number of counters from her first go.

The next question was answered by Jade and after having a clean sweep of the machine just moments before she also opted to hand over her go, giving Ish an opportunity to score.

Things got worse for Ish and he was knocked out of the first round leaving Jade and Michelle to battle it out.

The second round became tense as Jade failed to know the answer to hardly any of her questions, leaving Michelle to tackle to tricky answers for most of the round.

However, rather than just saying she didn't know the answer, Jade kept explaining to presenter Ben that she had "a good idea" but wanted to pass to Michelle anyway.

Each time, Michelle took a punt at the question, Jade would respond to say she was "thinking the same".

The final straw for viewers at home was when Good Morning Britain star Ben asked: "Who was the second Prime Minister of the 21 century?"

Jade stumbled and questioned whether Michelle would have a better idea of politics than herself before handing it over again.

Fortunately Michelle was pretty sharp when it came to Prime Ministers of recent and responded with the correct answer which was "Gordon Brown".

Jade interjected: "Yeah I was thinking Gordon Brown his name popped up in my head."

Fans picked up on her annoying habit and took to Twitter to fume about it, one fan wrote: "Finding all this chattiness and inane commentary a bit embarrassing to watch tbh #tippingpoint."

Another agreed: "Does Jade have to narrate every bloody nuance on this Show?"

A third raged: "B*****ks you was thinking Gordon Brown as well #tippingpoint."

While a fourth said: "Stop saying I was thinking, no one believes you.#tippingpoint."

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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