Tipping Point fans fume over show shake-up as ITV makes major schedule change

Tipping Point fans have been left furious after ITV aired the game show at an earlier time slot – much to the surprise of viewers.

As viewers began tuning just before the show’s usual air time of 4pm, they were furious to discover that the game show, fronted by host Ben Shephard, had already been on TV for 30 minutes, with half the show having already aired.

“Didn’t know it was on early! #TippingPoint,” blasted one viewer.

READ MORE: Tipping Point fans 'furious' at show shakeup as ITV makes major schedule change

“Gonna be a lot of unhappy tippers at 4 when they switch on. Been thrown a curveball here!!” raged another.

While a third added: “WHY do they keep changing the air time for #TippingPoint?”

It's not the first time Tipping Point lovers have been left disappointed this month as many were fuming when the programme aired at 3.30pm rather than 4pm – yet again.

Fans were angry as they'd expected the show to be on at its usual time of 4pm, so it meant many missed half the programme after tuning in at the usual time.

One annoyed viewer wrote: "Ey up sorry I’m late didn’t realise it was on early or at all!!"

A second said: "Aaaand bl**dy wonderful to have an ep of #TippingPoint on, even though it's weird time & a repeat."

A third asked: "just now learning #tippingpoint has been on for half an hour already!!! Why the change itv? And it’s a repeat!"

Viewers were however tickled by the episode’s heavy reference to Star Wars, with host Ben even making jokes about the iconic space franchise.

As player David was asked what colour the Storm Troopers are in the movies, he correctly answered white but had no luck on the machine.

Ben then quipped: “Not sure the force could help you now either.”

Reference to Luke Skywalker, the hero from the franchise popped up several times throughout the episode, with David asking for “Luke’s help” when he dropped his coins into the machine.

“lol loving the star wars references today,” said one viewer.

One late viewer asked: “who is this Luke he keeps talking about?” as another player informed them about the Star Wars theme that had taken over the episode.

Tipping Points airs on ITV

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