Tipping Point viewers distracted by beautiful redhead marketing manager Aimee

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Fans of Tipping Point couldn't believe their eyes with stunning Aimee, a marketing manager from Hull.

She was soon in the lead after the first round after correctly answering questions, including ones about cinnamon.

Viewers were fast to praise the northern beauty, sharing pictures of her and writing "Helloooo Aimee!" with plenty of heart eye emojis.

She made it through to the second round with £400.

Another added: "Aimee for the win just because she's fire (sorry!)" with flame emojis.

"We all know lovely Aimee is going to win" insisted one fan.

"Aimee is from my home city!" praised another.

Unfortunately Aimee didn't answer many of her questions right, including one about the colour of a second class stamp.

She answered red instead of blue, but did manage to get a question about Coronation Street correct.

"OK, so we know Aimee doesn't buy stamps" joked one viewer.

Despite not answering many questions, she had better luck with the counters and was in the lead again for a while.

Unfortunately for Aimee, Ceri then overtook her with her counters, sending her home at the end of the round.

She earned a whole new group of fans though from her appearance, but she couldn't keep up with £650.

It was then Atal and Ceri left to go head to head.

Ceri then won a mystery prize of craft beer, before Atul managed to get a tricky question right about the capital of Brazil.

Both contestants struggled with a question about musicals, where the answer was Hello Dolly.

Ceri had passed, but neither managed to get it right.

Atul passed again for a music question about Childish Gambino, and passed to Ceri who also failed.

She answered Justin Bieber instead of Donald Glover.

Ceri went through to the final after correctly answering a question about Albert Einstein.

She made it through with £2,200, and revealed her 5 and 10 year old sons are huge fans of Jurassic Park so she wanted to take them to Florida.

Ceri was very pleased with a question about which Spice Girls co-starred on a song, and she got it right with Victoria Beckham.

She then struggled with a politics and Star Trek question.

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