Todd Grimshaw gets surprising new love interest in Coronation Street as ex Billy Mayhew faces husband Paul's death | The Sun

AFTER having to watch his ex move on with a new man, Todd Grimshaw will finally find a new love of his own in a surprise twist on Coronation Street.

The undertaker has been focusing on work after his relationship with Billy Mayhew fell apart, and his talent was recognised as he got nominated for Young Funeral Director of the Year.

However, Todd has been on the lookout for a new boyfriend after seeing his ex fall in love again, despite the tragedy that ensued.

In an exclusive chat with the Sun about upcoming Corrie storylines, producer Iain MacLeod revealed he will end up meeting someone, but the chaos surrounding Todd might jeopardise his new relationship.

He shared: "There's a dalliance, shall we say, but it arrives at a quite poor time, and the person with whom he has the connection is probably not ideal in terms of the situation that Todd meets them in.

"But yeah, it’s at this time, only a little test drive of his relationship with this person. It's not very long running, but we thought if we like what we see, it might come on to be long running later on."

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One of the things Todd is preoccupied with is supporting Billy after his husband Paul received the fatal diagnosis of motor neurone disease.

This combined with funeral parlour drama between Todd and George means the character doesn't have much time for romance.

Iain continued: "Historically, Todd is incredibly selfish, but I've loved seeing a slightly more compassionate, selfless side to him in the Paul story. 

"I suppose the other thing to say about Todd is love his dynamic with George. I just think that double act is absolutely fantastic. And I'm also loving his kind of uncharacteristically compassionate role in the Paul story. 

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"So I think Todd's got so many ingredients in his life at the moment that a long running love story might get in the way slightly. So yes, there's a short term little fling with some unfortunate consequences for a few of the people involved. 

"And then longer term, we'll see, I suppose. I love Todd, but I think he's got a lot on his plate already and so maybe any longer term romance will come later next year."

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