Tom Hiddleston Taught Owen Wilson Everything He Needed To Know About 'Loki'

Marvel has been making the most of the COVID-19 pandemic by delaying the release of their films and releasing some exciting new shows on Disney+. From Wandavision to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, every production that Marvel has released within the last year has been a bit hit amongst fans.

Now that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has reached its conclusion, many Marvel fans are patiently waiting for the release of Loki, the next Marvel TV show set to release this year. Premiering on June 11, Loki will feature a talented cast that includes the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Wunmi Mosaku. 

Out of all of the actors slated to star in the show, Hiddleston is the only one who has previously starred in a Marvel film. Because of this, Wilson, a newcomer to the Marvel world, had to be educated by Hiddleston about the ins and outs of Loki lore. 

Owen Wilson plays Mobius M. Mobius in Marvel’s upcoming ‘Loki’ show

When Marvel announced that they’d be releasing a limited series focusing on one of their most popular characters Loki, fans were instantly excited. Wilson’s addition to the cast was seen as a surprise to some, others were excited to see another big-name actor join the MCU. 

On the show, Wilson plays Mobius M. Mobius. Mobius is a member of the Time Variance Authority, a police organization that monitors realities throughout their multiverse. The TVA works hard to keep temporal interference at a minimum, which may explain how they came into contact with Loki. 

He didn’t know anything about ‘Loki’ prior to signing on

Even though Wilson readily signed on for his role in Loki, the Wedding Crashers star admittedly knew nothing about his role or the characters in the show. In a recent interview with SiriusXM, he revealed that he didn’t ready any of the comic books while preparing for Loki, instead relying on Hiddleston to educate him. 

“No, I didn’t,” Wilson said. “Maybe I should’ve, but actually, Tom Hiddleston kind of—who, of course, plays Loki … they were almost like … the Loki lectures.”

Tom Hiddleston taught Owen Wilson everything he needed to know about ‘Loki’

Prior to filming, Hiddleston spent a significant amount of time giving Wilson information and insight about their roles. 

“Tom Hiddleston, who of course plays Loki, he kind of or we kind of –they were almost like the Loki lectures,” Wilson said. “And so he walked me through everything and the whole lore and showing me clips from the other movies and how it all fed into this story. So, it was really kind of Tom telling me about it and telling me about his character.”

Wilson found their conversations especially helpful when the time came to shoot an interview scene between him and Hiddleston. 

“And even in a way sometimes that he would describe his character, it was useful for me because my character, Mobius, in Loki is kind of interviewing him at some point. And so it kind of worked doing it that way.”

Loki will be available for streaming on Disney+ June 11. 

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