Top Boy season 3: Dushane to step aside as Stef and Sully war sealed in new fan theory?

Top Boy: Netflix releases teaser for third and final season

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Netflix’s British crime series Top Boy took fans by storm after it returned to screens in March before ending with a soul-shattering cliffhanger. As fans eagerly await the release of season three, viewers are convinced Stef (Araloyin Oshunremi) and Sully (Kano) will go to war, while Dushane (Ashley Walters) is forced to take a step back.

This season, Top Boy enthralled its viewers with scenes of nail-biting chases and merciless killings, while offering the sunny sights of Spain and Morocco.

The diametrically opposite takes are what took fans by complete surprise during the finale, as no one could’ve expected Jamie’s (Michael Ward) brutal death.

As the episode was nearing its end fans watched the lighthearted scenes of the brothers celebrating Aaron’s (Hope Ikpoku Jnr.) graduation among other happy events.

When the doorbell rang, expecting it to be Stef’s friend Jamie didn’t check the peephole the way he usually does and swung the door open, instead Sully stood there with a gun and shot bullets at him before he could comprehend what was about to happen.

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The brutal end took fans by surprise and caused a frenzy on social media with people questioning whether it was real and whether or not Jamie survived.

While the cast has neither denied nor confirmed, viewers have begun to believe Jamie was killed as it would be unlike Sully to miss a shot.

As a result, many have come up with theories about what could go down in season three, including a violent showdown between Stef and Sully.

Taking to Reddit, user redbeaver88 wrote: “I feel like Stef is going to come back with a vengeance and take on Sully for the final season showdown.”

They also wrote: “Assuming Sully took out Jamie based off of what Dushane said about him being his retirement plan (amongst other things of course).

“Also assuming Dushane will probably succumb to this heart issue or retire.”

Season two also introduced Dushane with concerning chest pains.

While he has yet to visit the doctors to reveal what he could be suffering from, Dushane would get major chest pains during stressful situations

After Jamie successfully completed a huge drug distribution task in Spain and Morocco, Dushane and Sully were reflecting and talking about the future.

This is when he revealed he couldn’t see himself continuing to live a life of crime and wanted to go legit.

He added that Jamie was the future of the streets which is what would’ve likely angered Sully and caused him to kill him.

While Sully had stashed his money and was living on a boat, Dushane had entered the world of investing in real estate and had purchased a flash home ready to settle down.

Another fan, Evelina333 agreed and responded to the Reddit post: “Same I think Sully is gonna regret doing that because either Dushane, Aaron or Stef are gonna come for him.

“I f*****d with sully so heavy but with Jamie it’s different, he was such a good older brother and sully was cold asf.”

Thankfully for fans season three was confirmed with the news that the instalment would also be the last in the series.

With Top Boy officially coming to an end fans can expect an action-packed third and final season.

Top Boy is available on Netflix.

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