Touching Bake Off moment that distracted everyone from Brexit drama

In case you didn't know, the Great British Bake Off is actually a competition show.

But you'd be forgiven for thinking it wasn't after watching last night's (September 3) episode.

That's because during Biscuit Week, many of the contestants rallied around their competitors to give them a helping hand finishing off their bakes before time ran out.

And honestly, it was one of the most heartwarming things we've seen on television for a long time – and provided some much needed relief during all this political drama.

During the signature challenge, where the bakers were tasked with making chocolate biscuit bars, both Jamie and Priya found themselves struggling in the race against the clock.

But thankfully the others were on hand to get things sorted for them.

Michelle, who won star baker in week one, rushed to help Jamie get his biscuits plated up and looking more presentable, after the caramel didn't set properly on his lemon shortbread and caused the chocolate coating to melt.

Meanwhile, Helena, Henry, Michael and David flocked to Priya's bench to do whatever they could to ensure her biscuits were ready for Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith to judge.

Viewers on Twitter were touched by the scene and were quick to voice their thoughts on it – with some saying it was a nice distraction from the current chaos of UK politics.

One person said: "The bakers going out of the way to help each other even though it's a competition is so pure and good."

Another wrote: "Britain is a hellscape of idiots. *Sees the bakers helping each other when things go wrong in GBBO.*

"Britain is a beautiful place and people are wonderful."

A third tweeted: "Saw them all helping each other on GBBO and thought ‘Why can’t Brexit be like that?’ Now sobbing for the country."

"GBBO reminds me there are still things about Britain I can be proud of despite the mess that is British politics. Brits helping each other, cake, innuendos, and a reason to have another brew," added someone else.

A fifth responded: "So heartwarming watching #GBBO – people helping each other in times of crisis (albeit only of a biscuit variety) despite being in competition. This is why I hate Brexit; it cynically divides and isolates us despite our natural tendencies to come together collaboratively."

Warning GBBO Biscuit Week spoilers ahead…

Week two of the new season saw the bakers challenged to make chocolate biscuit bars, fig rolls and a biscuit sculpture showstopper.

Alice, was crowned star baker after impressing the judges with her macaron sheep and New Zealand-inspired chocolate, honeycomb and peanut creations.

Sadly fan favourite Jamie, one of the youngest contestants, failed to wow Prue and Paul with his guitar sculpture and "dog's dinner" biscuit bars.

He was sent out of the competition at the end of the episode, much to the disappointment of those on social media.

The Great British Bake Off continues on Channel 4 on September 10 at 8pm with Bread Week.

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