‘Undone’ First Trailer: ‘BoJack’ Team’s Newest Animated Show is a Rotoscoped Reality Break

Animation is often a medium that tackles the core tenets of reality. The latest project from “BoJack Horseman” producers Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg looks to be doing that on a lofty and sweeping scale. “Undone,” the newest animated series for Amazon Prime Video, follows the consciousness of Alma (Rosa Salazar) as she navigates an expansive mental universe.

The first two episodes of the series will debut for audiences at the ATX Festival in Austin this weekend, and the series is slated to join the Amazon Prime Video family of programming later this year.

The official synopsis for the series explains that Alma’s life is an ordinary one “until a near fatal accident induces visions of her late father, Jacob. Through these persistent visions he urges her to tap into a mysterious ability that allows her to travel through space and time with the hopes of preventing his untimely death. This quest challenges Alma’s relationships and brings into question her mental wellbeing with those closest to her.”

Whether her stays in various hospital rooms are prompting or just coinciding with these flashes of alternate realities, these visions seem to be taking quite a toll. New elements of reality crumble or assemble in front of her in these dream-state worlds. Characters zoom through time, walls of light and darkness break down into flocks of birds, and cars manifest out of nowhere from an empty street on a sunny day.

Visually, this series shares very little with the co-creators’ previous project. “Undone” won’t be the first ambitious project to use rotoscoping, but to see this on TV is a rarity. To tackle the feat, director Hisko Hulsing enlisted the services of Minnow Mountain, the animation studio that previously worked on the Richard Linklater film “A Scanner Darkly” and “Tower,” Keith Maitland’s harrowing documentary on the 1966 mass shooting at University of Texas at Austin.

Joining Bob Odenkirk (as Jacob) and Salazar in the show’s voice ensemble are Daveed Diggs, Angelique Cabral, Constance Marie, and Siddarth Dhananjay.

Watch the debut teaser for the series (complete with some gorgeous, human-sized flowers) below:

“Undone” will premiere on Amazon Prime Video later this year.

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