Urban Myths season 3: How many episodes are in the new series?

Emmy-nominated comedy anthology series Urban Myths made a comeback to screens recently, bringing with it more stories from the world of celebrity based on hearsay and rumour. The series again features a whole roster of stars in each of the episodes including Hugh Dennis, Kelly MacDonald, Stephen Mangan and David Walliams. Here’s a look at the new series of Urban Arts and each of the stories from this year’s run.

How many episodes are in Urban Myths season 3?

There are a total of eight episodes in Urban Myths season three running to half an hour each.

Again, each of the stories are half-truths about things that may or may not have happened.

Previous season of the anthology series have focused on Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Salvador Dali, Agatha Christie and Adolf Hitler’s time as an artist.

The new series sees some interesting pairings including Princess Diana and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, Madonna’s passionate relationship with artist Jean Michel Basquiat, and Donald Trump and Andy Warhol.

Here is a list of the episodes from Urban Myths season 3:

  • Episode 1. Urban Myths: Princess Diana, Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett
  • Episode 2. Urban Myths: Donald Trump and Andy Warhol
  • Episode 3. Urban Myths: Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Anderson
  • Episode 4. Urban Myths: Joan Collins
  • Episode 5. Urban Myths: Grace Jones
  • Episode 6. Urban Myths: Madonna and Basquiat
  • Episode 7. Urban Myths: Paul McCartney
  • Episode 8. Urban Myths: Mick Jagger and Princess Margaret

This series will also feature an episode that imagines how Sir Paul McCartney came up with the song Yesterday after hearing it in a dream and waking up with the whole song.

The Urban Myths episode about The Beatles member will be airing this evening (Wednesday, May 22) at 9pm on Sky Arts.

Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Simon Nye, who penned the episode, about his research and the writing process.

“I hadn’t heard of this truth. But apparently, it happened,” Nye said, explaining he was approached by producers to write the episode.

Nye, who also wrote ITV family show The Durrells and Men Behaving Badly, said Sir Paul was his favourite member of The Beatles due to his “breezy genius”.

He continued: “I jumped at the chance to write the story because it touches on a lot of things about creativity and where songs come from. Where do tunes come from?

“So, it’s big and interesting area and it’s a lovely story,” he added.

Reflecting on his research, he joked: “Well, you learn you can’t really rely on what Paul said because he’s done two or three versions of telling this story about Yesterday.

“Essentially, he did dream the melody full-formed, he didn’t know where it had come from, he then rang around a lot of his friends. Then he couldn’t come up with the lyrics for it, so he was plaguing everybody. Eventually, he came up with the lyrics after he’d driven everybody mad.”

Nye said he didn’t need a great deal of time to write it but there was a lot of research involved.

“It’s a myth in the sense that it’s based on the truth, so I wanted to get the core truth as true as possible. The timeline was a bit confused.”

He described it as a “joy” to write, particularly the scenes featuring three of The Beatles living together after hitting the big time with the set-up playing out like “flatshare sitcom”.

“It was like a sitcom with four very well-defined characters,” Nye said.

He previously wrote Urban Myths: The Sex Pistols Vs. Bill Grundy for season two in 2018.

Would he like to write another episode of Urban Myths? Nye said he was “always available to work”, so long as the idea was a good one with a good balance of intriguing stories and well-known figures.

Urban Myths airs on Sky Arts on Wednesdays at 9pm

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