Utter arrogance! BBC viewers erupt at Grant Shapps scrambling to back Boris Johnson

Grant Shapps defends Boris Johnson over new party allegations

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps faced a barrage of questions from BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker over the recent news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended a gathering on the day of his birthday at 10 Downing Street during the lockdown in June 2020. Mr Shapps backed and defended the Prime Minister who is currently under fire from MPs and the British Public. But BBC viewers took to Twitter to slam the Tory frontbencher for the “utter arrogance” shown during the interview and for his attempts to defend the Prime Minister.

Mr Shapps said: “No, I wasn’t there. I know that this is a group of people who worked together all day long, will of had meetings many times together.

“And on the Prime Ministers’ birthday as it happened earlier in the day, when he’d been given a cake he was given a cake.

“But I think what was interesting about your report is that it didn’t sort of highlight the other things that have been going on.

“The fact that we have been able to release people from working from home, from the international travel restrictions, the 37M people who have had boosters.

“The fact that we have the fasted growing economy and the many other good things that have happened.

“I don’t want to accuse that of being a one-sided report but there have been rather a lot of better things happening which have been the result of making very difficult decisions, particularly on the handling on Omicron.”

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Reacting to Grant Shapps interview, social media users took to Twitter to share what they thought.

@glad2beblue said: Your performance on BBC Breakfast 25/1/21 was utter arrogance.

“So the PM has admitted his mistakes in hosting and attending parties at No 10 & we should move on.?What about those who have been prosecuted & fined etc. Are their convictions to be squashed & fines reimbursed?”

@Tiwittwootoot said: “@grantshapps Just seen your BBC Breakfast interview – fairly typical response from someone who has so much to lose. Would suggest a career change to whitewashed!”

@Vinpep said: “#pmqs Grant Shapps on Breakfast, ‘the P.M. us through the pandemic’ blah blah, yes, with 150,000+ deaths, the highest death toll in Europe and one of the highest in the world, if you call that leadership, you are sadly out of touch.”

@e_withers said: “Grant Shapps appears to tell BBC Breakfast that the PM’s birthday party wasn’t a party because it was a surprise “Most people would agree that a party is an organised event, not a cake being brought into a room with a group of people you work with.”

@Richard_Brunton said: “Did I just hear Grant Shapps, who’s one of those defending the PM and his ongoing proven lying and partying while we were locked down, say we’re the first country out of Omicron on BBC Breakfast? Maybe he meant we’ve just reduced the restrictions, not that it’s gone in the UK.”

@Jennorwood said: “I’m sorry Grant Shapps (BBC Breakfast). I spent last June working with colleagues as a key worker. We never dreamed of having a “ten-minute gathering” to wish someone Happy Birthday because it was contrary to the rules. Feeble excuses!”

@Beckisafreak said: “Do you [email protected] ever gets sick of being sent out to be the whipping boy on breakfast television for a PM that clearly doesn’t give two fucks?”


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