'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Recap: James Sobs on Lisa and Storms Off Set After Katie and Kristen Attack His Family

“His family — they’re a bunch of cheap bastards! They’re f–king losers! I feel awful for him that he was raised by a bunch of f–king assholes,” Kristen fires at James.

James Kennedy was once again at the center of all the drama during part 2 of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion.

The new hour was spent documenting his various and ongoing feuds with his co-stars, including Katie Maloney (she said she had "no regrets" about giving Lisa Vanderpump the ultimatum that got him fired from SUR), Tom Schwartz (he was mostly just sticking up for his wife but also said James’ apologies were incessant and meaningless), Kristen Doute (she interjected every time James opened his mouth to let him know he was the scum of the Earth), Jax Taylor (he wasn’t as aggressive as he was last episode but did express complete disgust in James), Brittany Cartwright (she was still pissed James called her family "a bunch of hillbillies") and Stassi Schroeder (James said Stassi’s hair extensions were "ugly" and that he had no interest in supporting her new book because he had no desire to be a "basic bitch").

Tom Sandoval was the only one who stuck up for James, but that only put him at odds with everyone else. Jax was more furious than anyone, even announcing Sandoval would no longer be in his wedding party. (Doubtful that will hold up since these people fight and make up constantly.) Jax and Brittany’s outburst on James for bringing up Jax’s deceased father and Brittany’s family in Kentucky caused mayhem, prompting Andy Cohen to tell the gang to "SHUT THE F–K UP" so they could take a break.

While everyone left to go cool off, James moved to the seat next to Lisa and began to sob. "I’m in shambles over here," he blubbered. She urged him to relax and stop being so combative with everyone, reassuring him that he’s "got this."

"I said I’m sorry, but they keep on being mean to me," he said after LVP scolded him for bringing up Jax’s dad — again. Once the group reconvened, James praised Jax for the hard work he had put into changing himself and becoming a better person, but when Jax scoffed at the compliment, James fired back, "I don’t give a shit, really."

Back to square one.

Later, Katie and James spent a good amount of time arguing over him body-shaming her at Pride, which led to the end of his Tuesday-night DJing gig, See You Next Tuesday. Schwartz said his wife served as "the ambassador of karma" by going to Lisa and asking her to terminate James on account of his "horrible" behavior — not just toward her, but toward several castmembers.

"It’s happened for years," Stassi said. "And then he apologizes, and then the next day, he’s doing the exact same thing — whereas we’re all working on our friendships and trying to better ourselves."

That’s when Sandoval pointed out that James is "too quick to apologize," making Kristen lose her absolute mind. "Are you f–king joking, Sandoval?!" she shouted.

Ariana Madix quickly jumped in to serve as "the Tom translator," explaining that her boyfriend meant that if James "doesn’t actually care, he should never apologize." Everyone agreed with that statement, but still, tensions remained high.

At one point, James’ drinking came up. He promised LVP during the season he’d stop drinking, but he didn’t.

"I’m so f–king tired of this narrative!" Kristen blurted out.

When Sandoval suggested James’ "kryptonite" is "mixing uppers" with alcohol, James denied being involved with any such — um — party favors.

"That’s not my thing, so shut your mouth!" he barked at Tom. Both Lisa and Kristen reprimanded James for speaking to his only friend with such aggression.

Then when Andy asked James if he was still helping his family financially, Kristen lost it again — so did Stassi, Katie and Schwartz, who said they all help their families and feel James uses it as an excuse to treat people poorly and gain sympathy.

"I f–king hate you people. I f–king hate you people," he muttered to himself under his breath.

Andy then asked Lisa how she felt when James’ mother — who was somewhat absent at times because she’s a recovering addict — told Lisa that she was James’ mother figure.

"The perception of James would almost be 100 percent negative if we weren’t showing the other side, and the other side to me was very important — that we saw the compassion and the support that he was giving his family," LVP explained.

"Where’s my compassion?" Katie interjected. "I’ve been going through a hell of a ride, Lisa. And I’ve gone through some serious shit in my life. I’ve gone through a brain injury, that as a result, I battled depression and PTSD for years! But James — his parents got divorced. Oh. Poor thing! Poor thing. Gimme a f–king break!"

Lisa could barely get a word out before Kristen took the wheel of the destroy-James-Kennedy mobile.

"Half of our parents are divorced!" she shouted. "I don’t give a f–k! Cry me a f–king river. His family — they’re a bunch of cheap bastards! They’re f–king losers! Yes, I feel awful for him that he was raised by a bunch of f–king assholes. That is shitty."

"Are you kidding me right now? Are you kidding?" James said in disbelief.

Lisa reprimanded Kristen for "going too far" while James stood up and stormed off the set.

Billie Lee also made a cameo. She and Lala Kent duked it out, but their conversation just went in circles, so here’s a quick recap: Lala doesn’t regret the way she spoke to Billie all season long, and Billie still thinks Lala is mean, entitled and unwilling to see a different perspective.

Unrelated nugget that we also must tell you about: Billie and Lisa’s son, Max, hooked up — more than once! Apparently, Ken Todd was sad that their fling ended, but Billie made it seem like they were better off as friends.

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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