Video: Jeremy Renner Dances His Way With Cane to Jimmy Kimmel Live! After Snowplow Accident

The ‘Hawkeye’ actor jokes about his collapsed lung and compares the ICU to ‘a haunted house’ while stopping by the late-night talk show to promote his new Disney+ series ‘Rennervations’.

AceShowbizJeremy Renner continues to show his speedy recovery following a snowplow accident on New Year’s Day. A little over three months after the scary experience, the actor made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where he was introduced as “the indestructible Jeremy Renner” who “beat Thanos, Loki and a 14,000 pound snowplow.”

The 52-year-old walked on his own with a cane onto the stage and even danced a little as he sat down for an interview. For the half portion of the sit-down, he talked about the accident. “Was this a publicity stunt?” Jimmy Kimmel jokingly asked Jeremy, who replied, “Absolutely.”

Looking upbeat during his TV show appearance, the “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” actor said he feels “lucky” despite the accident, because “the giant metal just missed every vertebrae, didn’t hit any organs” and his “brain didn’t swell.”

“I got very lucky that none of the organs got messed up,” he reiterated, noting that the snowplow pierced the liver but it wasn’t dangerous. When Jimmy mentioned his collapsed lung, he jested, “Yeah, that’s fine. I got another none.”

Admitting that he was “kicked out” of the first hospital, Jeremy jokingly compared the ICU to “a haunted house.” He explained that the ICU area “was under construction,” so they put him in some sort of a janitor’s closet, “but there’s no bathroom in it and the lights are flickering.”

“Everyone here is moaning like they’re dying in the ICU. I’m like this is a haunted house. I want out of this place. I’m not gonna get better here,” he recalled, before adding though, “I’m going back to this hospital this week to apologize to every one of those nurses. I’m going to apologize.”

Jeremy, who received supportive messages from a lot of fans and friends during his hospitalization, later jokingly called out his “terrible” actor friends who couldn’t hide their concerns about his condition. He said that it wasn’t until he talked to his friends, including Chris Evans, that he realized he was seriously injured and might not make it.

“They’re terrible actors. They couldn’t hide the fact that I looked awful, suckers,” the Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe quipped. He also shared a video message that Paul Rudd sent to him, calling the “Ant-Man” star “one of the funniest guys around.” At the end of the clip, Paul advised his injured friend, “Next time maybe just let the snow melt.”

When asked about the positive thing that he could find in the harrowing situation, he exclaimed, “Holy hell, my calendar is freed up for the rest of the year. Oh yeah!” He shared, “My year pretty jammed up until I got crushed. No one can mess with me, I’m free.”

The Oscar-nominated actor also revealed that he has quit smoking since the accident. “It’s like a New Year’s resolution,” he joked. “So I did drop 20 pounds, I quit smoking… Because I almost killed myself, I didn’t even think about smoking. It’s easy peasy.”

Jeremy was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote his upcoming Disney+ series “Rennervations“, which will premiere April 12 on the streamer.

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