‘Wedding Crashers’ Director Teases Idea for Sequel

David Dobkin is mulling over idea for a long-awaited sequel to the Vince Vaughn and Owen-Wilson-starring romcom about guys living bachelor lives in their late 40s.

AceShowbiz -Filmmaker David Dobkin is still holding out hope to “one day” reunite with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and make a long-awaited sequel to their “Wedding Crashers” hit.

The director previously floated the idea of revisiting the 2005 comedy for a funny follow-up after it became a box office success, but he and his leading men eventually decided against the project.

“We talked about it for many, many years,” Dobkin told Entertainment Weekly. “We realised we were remaking the same movie again and we really didn’t want to do that.”

However, Dobkin hasn’t completely dismissed the thought, and now so much time has passed, he has a potential plot that could work.

“Ten or more years later, all of a sudden these guys are in their mid to late 40s and they end up single – what do they do?” he said. “That’s interesting to me, because I know guys in their mid to late 40s who have ended up single, whether it’s out of marriages that didn’t work out or they just didn’t find anyone to marry, and it’s a head trip for men, the idea of maybe I’m not going to be a dad, maybe I’m not going to be married. So it became a real cultural question and it yielded an interesting kind of centre to the movie.”

The director has even been toying around with a screenplay for the proposed sequel, and he’s hopeful it’s something he can eventually make with Vaughn and Wilson – although he warns fans not to expect anything anytime soon.

“I believe in sequels that are new and appropriate, and I don’t think there’s a time limit of chasing what that is. There may be one day when we can finally get it all together,” Dobkin shared.

“I can tell you that it’s really fun to read those voices of these guys on the page again. There was a joy that I was surprised at when I read the first draft of what could have been, or maybe one day will be, this sequel. I do think audiences would love it.”

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