Wes Nelson thinks Sherif was axed for ‘fighting with Love Island producers’

Love Island 2019 star Sherif Lanre was sensationally booted out of the villa yesterday, but nobody knows the exact reason why.

Former Islander Wes Nelson has a theory, as he's suggested that the 20-year-old fought with producers.

Wes, who appeared on the show in 2018, said there is "zero tolerance" for aggression, so this could be the reason Sherif had to go.

Speaking on Heart Breakfast , Wes said: "I don't know why he's left, but my best guess would be fighting or arguing wth the producers and getting aggressive. That's zero tolerance.

"If you get aggressive or try to be intimidating or get in someone's face, that's zero tolerance."

He went on to list the rules that Islanders must follow to stay in the villa.

Wes continued: "There is a lot. You can't talk about previous series, or anything the has ever happened on a previous series.

"You can't fight, you can't pleasure yourself, there's quite a few. It's mainly, common sense.

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"They're trying to keep the broadest audience possible."

Yesterday we revealed how Sherif was forced to leave Love Island after a "silly mistake" cost him his place in the villa.

He was taken to the Beach Hut by producers and told he would have to leave the villa immediately.

According to our TV source, Sherif knew "immediately" that this was a leaving matter. It's unclear whether other Islanders were involved.

Sherif still hasn't been flown home yet , and is instead being look after by ITV bosses in Mallorca.

ITV bosses are said to be making sure Sherif gets the top care before he leaves for the UK, after criticism that producers weren't providing enough support when contestants leave the villa.

Mirror Online has contacted ITV for comment.

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